Happy New Year! Happy New Blog!

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So this is the start of the new year and the true beginning of Books of My Heart. I have been posting, and dual posting with my posts at The Book Nympho, but there will be no new posts there.  ICYMI I did a post in November which gives the history – Welcome to Books of My Heart.

Now to introduce the rest of the review team, making their debut this month. The four of them have differences in styles and tastes and that just makes them all the more interesting to me.  I feel grateful and lucky to have them as friends and to go on this journey with me. Here they are, reverse alphabetically, with more of their information on their About pages.



I met Robin when I went to NOLAStorycon with Jessica (fellow AceRoc Star and is at Rabid Reads)  in September 2016. We went to lots of fun events and good places to eat. I liked her right away. She and Jessica run a popular group on Goodreads and we all enjoy many of the same books.


I’d been reading Melanie’s reviews online at Hot Listens and Rabid Reads for awhile.  We finally got to meet in person at RT Convention in Atlanta this May (2017).  I stopped to have lunch with her in Ohio in June on my Harley trip back to the midwest this summer.


We met online through our love of Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy and Motorcycles.  I rode to an event in Houston in June of 2016 where Lynette and I got to meet many of the SOA cast including Charlie.  Lynette is also a writer so she brings another perspective to our views on books.

KC :

I met Krista through one of my AceRoc Star cohorts Nikki when we were all at NOLA Storycon. We didn’t get to spend nearly enough time together but Krista lives right near me!  So we have been able to get together occasionally to talk books or ride motorcycles. She is also a fan of audiobooks.


I’ve already started my Kate Daniels Read-along since I was on a road trip and wanted to try the audiobooks. I had forgotten so much!  Magic Bites is awesome and I enjoyed Renee Raudman.   Watch for the  Read-along post on January 8th!


I should also mention I am doing nothing to earn money through this blog. If I include purchase links, it is for your convenience. I do get free books from publishers and authors. I am choosing to blog because I love books and the whole community of book people such as other bloggers, readers, authors, and narrators.


Thanks everyone.  I hope to see you all here!

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Posted January 1, 2018 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Misc / 2 Comments

2 responses to “Happy New Year! Happy New Blog!

  1. Jen

    Yea!! Looks like you are set to have a great year, Anne! Looking forward to seeing you and the team right here on your blog! Happy New Year!!