Trace Elements by Kate Donovan

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Trace Elements by Kate DonovanTrace Elements by Kate Donovan
Series: Gower and Saxon #1
on July 24, 2013
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 191
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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Special Agent Annika Trace is the hottest thing in law enforcement—at least on TV. Her long legs, designer suits, and hunky sidekick have garnered millions of fans, one of whom—a four-year-old kidnap victim named Linzie—is refusing to talk to the real FBI. In desperation, Special Agent Trace—a.k.a. actress Nikki Gower—is called in to help.

Special Agent Josh Saxon became a hero when he brought Linzie back safely. Now he’s out to catch the kidnappers and doesn’t need some Hollywood caricature of a federal agent interfering in his case. But when Nikki establishes a rapport with the child, Josh admits she might just get him enough information to track down the culprits. And even as Josh and Nikki spar over the best way to get the job done, another rapport is being established—on a much more physical and decidedly more adult level—as Josh discovers firsthand how Nikki makes the airwaves sizzle.

Trace Elements was one of the first books I got on Netgalley. It is in one of my favorite genres – romantic suspense. Somehow, I lost the book on my Kindle, so in the end I purchased it, so I could review. I’m on a mission to clean up those back ARCs (there are only 3 more).

The plot kept me interested in the FBI case. There were many unrealistic aspects, however. Linzie, at four years old, should not be watching such a violent, adult TV show.  Her mother’s constant flirting with the FBI agents was unnecessary. Having a TV actress so involved with the case, without even trying a psychologist, and then to have her so unsupervised seems unprofessional. I couldn’t suspend my disbelief even though it is fiction.

Josh and Nikki were likable enough characters for the little they were developed. Trace Elements is just under 200 pages and could have been expanded to a more normal 300 to allow for more character and relationship development. It was insta-lust jumping to insta-love quickly.  Since this is listed as first in a series, perhaps more of their background will follow.

Nothing seemed very real about the people. My attention was kept well enough while reading but there wasn’t enough world-building or character development to garner my emotional connection.  I enjoyed  a very fast, light read.


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Posted May 5, 2018 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Book Review / 6 Comments

6 responses to “Trace Elements by Kate Donovan

    • Thanks. I have to watch my requests closely because I am also getting a lot more things on audio. No longer can I just request everything I want and know I’ll be able to read and review on a timely basis. I have to think about how it will work into my schedule Even tho I have been blogging for more than 4 years, I’ve had changes in my job, I know more authors and series now than ever before, I read more blogs so I keep adding to the TBR and with audio I almost double the number of books I can read in a month. I’ve only done this much audio in the past couple years.

    • I get many high quality books from great authors so it is hard to complain when I read one which doesn’t work as well for me. It was still entertaining. I just read enough to recognize certain issues or maybe it’s even having certain preferences. Somewhat, I don’t read a lot of YA especially high school age, because they act immaturely (because they are immature) and I can find it annoying. But the book may be completely realistic and well-written, it just annoys me. The same way some people don’t want to read about love triangles or virgins or other things. I always have about 10 books on Netgalley which are current, but there have been 5 that are older than 3 months and I’m determined to clean up the backlog.

  1. Sorry this didn’t work as well for you as it could have, Anne! I am always disappointed if a romantic suspense doesn’t woo me 🙂 I totally get that 200 pages was little short, and would probably have ended up feeling the same way.

    • Thank you. I think romantic suspense is a better bet because there are always at least 2 aspects. There is the mystery / action issue and there is a romance. You have more than one thing to hold your interest and emotions. In this book, I got more from the mystery FBI case, it held my attention and thoughts and emotions more. The romance was too fast for me to believe it, because the characters weren’t developed enough for me to care.