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This is a new feature I developed where each month we will look at our favorite – the best – series in a genre.

I found this difficult to figure out how to do it. I mean really the reason audiobooks are great are the combination of a great story and the narrator. Both are needed to make them great.   Later this month, I will be covering my favorite narrator in a #JIAM post which has another big giveaway by the publishers so look for that June 27.

In this post, I will stick to my favorite series on audio. These are series I prefer(red) to buy the audio rather than reading them.   They are just so, so good. It was, as usual, seriously difficult to narrow this down to 6 series.

These are the series I am collecting or own on audio. It turns out the very FIRST audio book I ever listened to was Storm Front by Jim Butcher, aren’t I smart?  I love the Molly Harper series’ on audio and Half-Moon Hollow series is also a favorite. My first audible credits were spent on the entire Harry Potter series, either waiting a month desperately until I could get the next one or waiting for it to be available at the library.  The entire Soulwood series by Faith Hunter has won various audio awards.   Nearly all of the Ilona Andrews series are narrated by Renee Raudman but I read other series before I began listening to audio. The Hidden Legacy series I read but I also own in audio. Now that I have heard Lorelei King narrate Charley Davidson, I wait until I can get my hands on the audio when a new book is released.

I also wanted to do a giveaway but that has all kinds of problems. Audible is my favorite way but they don’t allow codes except to authors and narrators for giveaways. And face it, audiobooks are expensive.  So I have some audiobooks on CD which I bought or had for review and I will be giving away over this post and other posts.  They are not an exact match to these series but they do include some of the narrators.


My favorite Audiobook series are (in author alphabetical name order):


Hidden Legacy series    by Ilona Andrews         Harry Dresden series  by Jim Butcher


Jane Jameson series  by Molly Harper                   Jane Yellowrock / Soulwood series  by Faith Hunter


Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones           Harry Potter series by JK Rowling


What are your favorite series?

Leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite audio series. Have you listened to any of my favorites?



This giveaway will be different than any other I have done.  Enter through the rafflecopter below. Because of shipping, this will be US only.  I have listed the titles which are available for the giveaway. They are all first in the series.  I will start with picking one winner.  For every five new subscribers to the blog, I will pick another winner. Winners will have some input as to which audiobook they prefer. So tell your friends about the giveaway and the blog!   Any I do not give away this month will be given away at a future date.


Blood of the Earth  by Faith Hunter,  narrated by Kristine Hvam  (MP3)

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews, narrated by Renee Raudman  (CDs)

Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs by Molly Harper, narrated by Amanda Ronconi (CDs)


Red Sister by Mark Lawrence, narrated by Heather O’Neill  (CDs)

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter, narrated by Kristine Hvam  (Mp3)

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Posted June 9, 2018 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Giveaway, JIAM, Series on Saturday / 27 Comments

27 responses to “Series on Saturday: Audiobook series

  1. My favorite series on audio: Harry Bosch by Michael Connelly (Titus Welliver narrating), Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews (Renée Raudman narrating), Cork O’Connor by William Kent Krueger (David Chandler narrating), Romantic Suspense series by Karen Rose (multiple narrators but many by Hillary Huber & Marguerite Gavin).

    • I’ll have to try the Michael Connelly books but I don’t think they have them or all of them at the library but I know you love them. I like both Hillary Huber and Marguerite Gavin. Dick Hill I’ve only heard him on the Lee Child – Jack Reacher books and I thought he sounded too old for the character and was hard to understand. I know he is a well known narrator.

  2. Sophia Rose

    I’m a fan of Renee Raudman doing the Ilona Andrews books. I also like Amanda Ranconi doing Angie Fox’s Southern Ghost Hunter series. George Guidall doing Craig Johnson’s Longmire series. You’ve got the Mark Lawrence book up there and I’ve enjoyed both Red Sister and Grey Sister narrated by Heather O’Neill. Davina Porter doing Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Hmm, and Janet Metzger doing the Love in Provence trio by Patricia Sands. There are more of course, but those are the ones that come to mind.

    • There are so many great one. I didn’t know Amanda Ronconi did the Southern Ghost Hunter series; I’ll have to check that out. yes Davina Porter will show up in out narrator post later in the month.

      • Sophia Rose

        Ope, lied. It was Tavia Gilbert who did those. I get the two confused apparently. 😉

  3. I have found a few authors whose written works are just made for audio.

    Maggie Steifvater and Laini Taylor for example are two who I think the narrators of their books make me love them more.

    Steve West and Fiona Harrington did a fantastic job on Scorpio Races, Will Patton for The raven Boys series and Jenna Lamia for the shiver series.

    Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and bone series is done really well by Khristine Hvam, and Steve West again for Strange the Dreamer.

    Brandon Sanderson (did I mention I love all Sanderson books) ALWAYs picks fantastic narrators for his books. Michael Kramer is wonderful for the Mistborn series and the combo of Michael Kramer, Kate Reading for the Stormlight archives is also a really good pairing. MacLeod Andrews did a great job with the Steelheart series and Oliver Wyman for the Legion series also seems like a perfect fit.

    Nick Pohdel did Patick Pothfuss’s Name of the Wind Series and Patrick Ness’s Choas walking series brilliantly. He is a no brainer buy it now when he is the narrator.

    • Robin some of these will show up later in the month on a narrator post. But a couple you mention like Scorpio Races and Strange the Dreamer are single books not series. It’s always SO hard to choose; I just picked some I am collecting on audiobook.

  4. There are SO many series I could list. I will go with a few that I will drop everything else for:

    Molly Harper/Amanda Ronconi Duo.
    Jennifer Estep/Lauren Fortgang’s Elemental Assassin series
    Eve Langlais/Tillie Hooper’s Freakn’ Shifters series
    Lexi Blake/Kitty Bang’s Thieves series
    Toni Anderson/Eric G. Dove’s Cold Justice series

    • You have some excellent ones there also. It’s awful to try to limit myself to just a few series.

  5. Brenda R

    I listened to the audiobooks of Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series and the first few books in the Fever series from my library, then I bought the rest as print books.

    • Sometimes audio works for a series and sometimes I prefer reading. Some series I do both. The important thing is to enjoy the story.

  6. Jen

    Those are all great ones! (except Jane Yellowrock – I didn’t care for it, even after 3 books).

    Favorite long-running audio series (more than 3 books) for me: Dresden Files, Mercy Thompson, Iron Druid, and anything Ilona Andrews/Renee Raudman. There are some excellent 2/3 books series (Him/US by Elle Kennedy and Sasha Bowen), Hudson Valley by Alice Clayton, the aforementioned Ilona Andrews/Renee Raudman!

    • Those are all great recommendations. Obviously I am totally sold on Dresden Files and everything Ilona Andrews. I sometimes am funny about if a narrator does one series I can’t switch gears on another series, so I can’t listen to Mercy Thompson because Lorelei King is Charley Davidson for me. I have a similar issue with Susan Erickson, who I can’t listen to her on JD Robb’s In Death series. That’s just how it goes sometimes.

  7. Kris

    I love The Lunar Chronicles audiobooks. The narrator really brings the characters and their different personalities to life!

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I haven’t read those yet so I’ll have to look for the audios when I get to them.

    • I enjoy audiobooks and it makes good use of my time driving, waiting at appointments, shopping, doing chores. I also think with a long book like Red Sister which has a darker story, I find it easier to listen on audio to get into the characters with the audio performance. I did LOVE this audio. I haven’t listened to the Innkeeper series but I’m sure I would enjoy it. Renee Raudman is great. Both are such great stories I say listen or read but definitely get to these stories.

  8. Kathie

    I adore Jane Yellowrock!! Faith Hunter really knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat and the character development througout the series leaves me wanting the next book Right! Now!

    • I understand your anticipation. I didn’t discover this series until there were already 7 or 8 books so at least I got to read those all in a row, which was great! I’m collecting this series and the Soulwood series on audio.