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OK  so I decided I need to do something about all the books I’ve purchased or want to read which I haven’t put in my schedule.   It’s NOT about overdue ARCs although I have a few of those, but I can count those on one hand.  I chose this one since it fit the criteria of my goals the best. It allows for multiple formats and you don’t have to own them now, just want to read them.   In my own organization on Goodreads, these type of books go into 3 possible places.

# 1 –          Want to Read

They all go on this shelf – the lost world of chaos, also known as the black hole of despair.

# 2 –           2GET 

This shelf is a mish-mash of things. It is either new releases I want to get, books I want to read badly but haven’t figured out where to get them, or books I really want to read which I can get at the library. It isn’t quite as bad as it sounds because I also put them on the new release or library shelf if that will be the source. The no source ones are the puzzler and I might have to buy them.

# 3 –          3TBR

This is where my book purchases are shelved. It’s the “I bought it but haven’t found time to read” and will be a primary source for the challenge, other than some library books to catch up on series, or for a bit some Audible Romance package or Kindle Unlimited as I am trying them (also to read some stuff not at the library).

I plan to try for 24 books., about 2 per month.

I’ll create a new shelf Backlist, as well as a challenge on the blog. This will have some overlap with other challenges like COYER, Audiobook and Library Love.


Here are the rules for this challenge (copied from the announcement post):

Welcome to the 2019 edition of the Beat the Backlist reading challenge!

A new year, a new TBR pile, and a new set of readers tackling their backlist!

Welcome to Beat the Backlist (the 2019 edition)! This reading challenge dedicated to helping you knock those backlist books off your ever-growing to-read list. Any genre, any format, any length.

What is a “backlist” book, you may ask? This is any book that has already been released. For the purposes of this challenge, this is any book published in 2018 or earlier. If you have books on your TBR from 2018 and before, then this is the challenge for you.

Any format, you say? Yes! If it counts as a book on Goodreads, it’s fair game for this challenge. This includes physical books, eBooks, audiobooks, ARCs and eARCs, anthologies, etc.

Do I have to own the book to count it? Absolutely not! Your TBR isn’t restricted to what you own and neither is this challenge! Whether you own the book, borrowed from the library or a friend, or whatever the case may be, all books are welcome!

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Posted January 1, 2019 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Misc / 22 Comments

22 responses to “Beat the Backlist Challenge

  1. Yes, that does sound like a good remedy for that stack that you have or have on your list. I have a TBR challenge I do, but it doesn’t address my wish list so this sounds great for both.

    • yes that was one of the key features I liked. I don’t have to own it and I can even add books during the year. So not a lot of planning ahead; I can choose each month, as long as it is 2018 or older.

      Anne recently posted: Audio: Ivan by Kit Rocha
  2. I’ll have to check out this challenge — it’s a lot like The Backlist Reader Challenge that I host.

    My Goodreads shelves are sort of similar, except that I have only 2 for books I want to read: “to-read” and “someday.” The “to-read” shelf” are books I’m more interested in reading soon, and the others are ones I think I’d like to read. The only problem is, there are close to (or over) 1000 books on each of those virtual shelves! I need to do some pruning, I think.

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: My Favorite Books of 2018
  3. I can’t seem to make progress on my TBR. I read and review a bunch and the list grows again. LOL I’ve decided to focus on the oldest first. That way I can winnow out the ones I know I won’t read.
    I got your email and will get back to you after work tomorrow. Sounds fun!

    Laura Thomas recently posted: First Review for 2019 ~ The Sorrows
    • This is a fairly easy goal as I will probably read that many anyway but I will start slow and work more at it after I’ve tried the challenge. Pretty much everything I read will either count for this or the New Release Challenge unless it is too short. This is the start of an attempt to get after the purchases that are languishing.

      Anne recently posted: Crisis by Felix Francis
  4. I start every year with a commitment to focus more on my backlist books and all the books on my shelves instead of the shiny new releases that are so eye catching. I love reading from my own shelves and enjoying the books that I chose for a reason. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of all the latest and greatest, but I love all my backlist books! 🙂 Good luck with the challenge, Anne!

  5. I’m joining the Beat the Backlist challenge as well! I own way to many unread books and I need to change that (because I’m running out of space, although reading them still won’t change that). I include backlist books that I may get during the year as well!

    Have a wonderful week and happy reading!