Alien Mischief by Cara Bristol @CaraBristol

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Alien Mischief by Cara Bristol @CaraBristolAlien Mischief by Cara Bristol
Series: Alien Mate #4
Published by Self-Published on January 31, 2019
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 241
Format: eARC
Source: Author
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My name is Madison Altman. Don’t think because I’ve disguised myself as a man and have accepted a job that takes me away from Earth that I’m running away from love. That’s not true. I met the love of my life--but he was killed on our wedding day.
Chaperoning crazy women traveling to Dakon to become the mail order brides of aliens is just a way to pay the bills.

Unfortunately, on this latest assignment, the ship returned to Earth without me! Luckily, Enoki came to my rescue. He might be hot, and sexy as hell with his gravelly voice and throbbing horns, but he believes I’m a man, and we’re friends, not lovers. That’s how I want it. That’s how it has to be. As soon Enoki can get me a flight to Earth, I’m leaving this frozen planet for good.

I’m Enoki, leader of Dakon. For the longest time, whispers in the wind told me my Fated mate was coming. Whispers turned to shouts when the recent shipment of females arrived, but none of them were mine. I must accept the Fates were wrong. I’ll never get a mate.

My purpose now is to help the stranded Earth man return to his home planet. Even though Madison is a Terran, we’ve developed a strong bond. I know I’ll miss him, but because we’re friends, I intend to do everything I can to help him leave.

Why do the whispers tell me not to let him go?

Alien Mischief is the fourth book in the Alien Mate series. You can read this book without having read the previous books in the series.

This one is a bit different from the previous books in the series. Madison didn’t volunteer to become a mate on Dakon. Nope. She worked for the exchange program. But things aren’t what they seem. While trying to prove a point to her brother about sexism in the workplace, she applied as both a man and a woman and got hired as a man. She’s been doing this job as a man for three years. She escorts the mates-to-be to Dakon.

This is not her first trip to Dakon, but she doesn’t spend much time there. She makes sure the women make it okay and then she leaves. She doesn’t even stay around for the mating ceremony. But she stays to watch this time, because a friend of hers is one of the soon to be mates. That is until the ship leaves without her.

Enoki is not only the leader of a tribe, but a leader of the tribe leaders. He’s the main guy on Dakon. He spends a lot of time trying to play peacemaker to all the different tribes and the people in those tribes happy. He also plays fair. As much as he would like to have a mate, he doesn’t use his position to get himself at the front of the line for one of the mates. Though he knows this time is different. The fates are telling him his mate is coming and that she’s there, but he doesn’t know how. All the women were given to the men they were supposed to partner with.

This is a fun series. It follows Earth women who go to Dakon to find men looking for mates. Dakon was struck by an asteroid which not only turned it into a frozen planet, but they have few women now thanks to a virus and a low female birth rate. Earth has a surplus of women, so women are willing to travel millions of miles to another planet for the chance at happy long-term relationship.

If you like fated mates, science fiction and romance, this is series you’ll enjoy. I’ve really enjoyed all the books in this series.

About Cara Bristol

Author: Cara Bristol

Cara Bristol continues to evolve, adding new subgenres of erotic romance to her repertoire. She has written spanking romance, contemporary romance, paranormal, and science fiction romance. No matter what the genre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

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Posted March 13, 2019 by Melanie in Book Review / 34 Comments

34 responses to “Alien Mischief by Cara Bristol

  1. I read the first book in the series, but not the rest yet. I really like the set-up of this series of human women going to this alien planet. I like the sound of how this one has a slightly different set-up than the previous books with her not beign one of the matched women but the ship leaving without her. Great review!

  2. Great review darling. I am so happy that you enjoyed this one. I love fated mates and sci fi and want to grab this author up and soon. Good to know you can read these books as stand a lones.

  3. KC

    Wait? How did I not know about this series! I love alien romance. I can’t wait to check it out.