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This is a new feature I developed where each month we will look at our favorite – the best – series in a genre.

The genre here, by my definition,  is series where the main character(s) is a K9 law enforcement officer or trainer who works with them.  There aren’t so many, so these are the only ones I know.   Since I haven’t read everything, it’s a subset of the possibilities.  I’m sure I am forgetting some great authors. There are also plenty of authors I have yet to read. Please share your favorites with me in the comments, also.

My favorite K9 Unit series are (in no particular order):



Run to Ground                                             Irresistible Force                         Extreme Honor
by Katie Ruggle                                               by DD Ayres                                  by Piper J. Drake



Breaking Creed                                         Lock N Load                                       Killing Trail
by Alex Kava                                               by Tee O’FAllon                                       by Margaret Mizushima


What are your favorite series?

Vote for your top 3 favorites! You can vote for my favorites or add favorites of your own.  Remember this is how the winning option is chosen for the giveaway.

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Posted April 13, 2019 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Giveaway, Series on Saturday / 23 Comments

23 responses to “Series on Saturday: K9

  1. D.D. Ayres in my opinion on all the K9 books I’ve read has written the best K9 dogs. She actually knows what the breeds can and can’t do. What field of work they are best suited too and she researches those fields. I’ve grown up around dogs and know a lot, but not all, so her K9’s have the most relizem to them that I’ve found. I’m reading Katie Ruggle series now and am enjoying it. I also tried Piper J. Drake, but didn’t hit it off on that series. Now the others you listed I haven’t read, but have plans to read at least Jen Blood . Great post.

  2. I’ve heard of all the series you picked, but I’ve only read the Katie Ruggle ones. I only have one other K9 Rescue series that I read and liked, Jen Blood’s Flint K9 Search and Rescue. I’ve read some pretty good individual ones from Marliss Melton that come to mind. I’ll get to these others you’ve got up there at some point. I do love rescue animal stories.

    • I had the Jen Blood series in this post and then I switched it over to Tee O’Fallon since I liked hers better. I found it later after I had written this post. Yeah, I know I’m confusing some people. lol. I really have enjoyed reading about these.

  3. From this list, I have only read Katie Ruggle and Alex Kava. The Alex Kava series is great but the lead character with the dogs isn’t an officer. He is a dog handler that trains dogs and often works with police or search and rescue. He uses different dogs based on what the job is.

    • Yes, I’ve read at least the first book if not all of the ones in these series. They tend to all work with law enforcement, even in search and rescue ones. Oops I guess I shouldn’t have said where the main character is a police officer. They are often dog trainers who work with law enforcement.

  4. This is a really neat feature! What a great way to get recommends and share book love. The Asian author one looks good… I really enjoy how Asian writers write. They seem to have a particular feel to them that I find really unique. ❤️

    • I loved this idea from the start and have enjoyed reading the books. The series by Mizushima is my favorite of the group so far. I’m up-to-date on that series. Some of the others I have only read the first book or two.