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Audio: The Royal Treatment by MaryJanice Davidson @MaryJaniceD @PiperGoodeve @TantorAudio #LoveAudiobooksThe Royal Treatment by MaryJanice Davidson
Narrator: Piper Goodeve
Series: Alaskan Royal Family #1
Published by Tantor Audio on March 3, 2020
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Length: 6 hours, 49 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher
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In this delightful and dazzling erotic novel, MaryJanice Davidson creates an alternate contemporary world nearly identical to ours in which Russia never sold the Alaskan territory to the United States. Instead, Alaska has won its independence and established itself as a constitutional monarchy...and now, the King of Alaska badly needs a bride for his son and heir...

The country of Alaska is as forbidding as it is beautiful. And the royal family is as rough-around-the-edges as they are coolly civilized. Other royal families may find them shocking, but after all, in this wilderness kingdom, being a crack shot and expert trapper is just as important as knowing your salad fork from your dessert fork. Unfortunately, when the rest of the royals find you mildly savage, marrying off your royal brood can be a royal pain. King Alexander II is desperate. Why, he'd settle for any girl. A commoner. An American, even!

Stranded tourist Christina Krabbe is American, and a commoner, but she has zero interest in enduring a royal wedding, producing royal heirs, and becoming Queen of Alaska...until she gets a good look at Prince David. He may be a bit unruly--actually, the words untamed and slightly dangerous come to mind--but Christina's no delicate flower herself. And when His Highness discovers Christina can give as good as she gets, he's Prince Charmed, if not quite charming. But can a wild man Prince and a modern American girl make a life together? And will the palace still be standing when the dust clears?

If you were looking for something with serious royal drama and intrigue The Royal Treatment is not for you. But, if you just need something light, full of snark and sass, this could be a great read.

The Royal Treatment is the first book in the Alaskan Royal Family series. In an alternate reality where most of the history is the same, except Alaska was never sold to the U.S. and it ended up its own monarchy; hilarity ensues when a headstrong American catches the eye of the king. Thing is, he isn’t interested in her for himself, nope he’d rather play matchmaker and set her up with his son.

Christina is crass, snarky and unapologetically herself at all times. When she meets a disguised king and gives him an earful, he is sure she is the perfect match for his first in line to the throne son. Since this is Alaska, they do what they want and he is ready to make it happen. David, the aforementioned son and price, doesn’t really care who he marries. This should be easy to woo and marry Christina…right? Doesn’t every American girl dream of marrying a prince?

This really was a light and fluffy funny story. I enjoyed the snark and lightheartedness that was present throughout the book. If there was one issue I had, it would have been that it might have needed just a smidgen of a push into the more dramatic but it isn’t really that kind of tale. The book blurb mentions this is an erotic novel and there is sex in it but I really wouldn’t push it all the way over to be in the erotic genre.

The Royal family was a bit of a hoot and the King was a crack up. I really liked that Christina didn’t ever get flustered by being surrounded by royalty and was able to keep her sense of humor and stay so down to earth.

After your next deep and heart wrenching read, this could be a good pallet cleanser to fluff up your happy feelings back up.


Piper Goodeve did a great job capturing the sass and snark of this book.  She was able to give each character a voice and made Christina a girl I’d totally love to hang out with in the real world.  I listened to this at my usual 1.5 speed.

Listen to a clip:  HERE

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Posted March 2, 2020 by Robin in Book Review / 8 Comments

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  1. Oh it’s been si long since I haven’t read one of her books. I tried her Queen Betsy series but it’s been a while.