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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly  @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week, and showcase books and things we have received.

Stacking The Shelves is also a weekly meme hosted by  Tynga’s Reviews and Marlene from Reading Reality.  It’s all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!

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Sunday was different because my daughter went to bed early but then got up at 1 am and she stayed up all day with me to try to reset being awake days with me.  I visited blogs and worked on a few posts.  I wanted to go walk with Lulu but my hips/legs hurt which was something new. It’s like my legs are stiff and when I stand up wrong, the pain goes from the back of my calves to my butt.   I didn’t have a menu plan and needed to work on this week’s plan. I actually watched a livestream of a Zac Brown Band concert. It was good, had all the songs I know, lasted about an hour.

Monday the pain from yesterday is definitely better.  I worked on writing some reviews.  The weather was really nice so I took Lulu for a walk with only a little pain. I read the book on the grill and figured out the electronic ignition uses a battery which likely needs replacing. Kimberly offered me an audiocode for The Tory and I am very excited.

Tuesday, I wanted to get a LOT done as usual.   I worked a bit on fixing up the post email situation which is the last thing which is not working. I got an email with Lulu’s DNA results.  So can you guess her breeds? I’ll post the results next Sunday.  The weather was a little cooler but Lulu and I got out and tried a new route. I found one route I planned to do doesn’t have sidewalks. OK, the pain is worse again.  Am I just old and stiff all of a sudden or is it the increased walking? I felt fine while walking but evenings or first thing in the morning I want to scream.


Wednesday, I got a Sam’s Club Instacart. One of the results of the pandemic is trying to keep stock on things as you don’t know if you can get them again.  I got one backup toilet paper and Puffs Plus.  My freezer is stuffed, just in case.  The email situation is fixed!  Everything is working after my changes yesterday.  Thanks to help from Ashley and Mailpoet.  I got my car and Harley registration online and it was so easy.  I finally made progress on end of year tasks and the Read-along posts. Lulu and I took a short walk in a light mist of rain.   I finally went through and purchased things in the Chirp and Audible deals.

Thursday I spent a lot of time with year end planning, and financial changes.   It was rainy so we didn’t walk.  I think it might be sciatica because of the shooting pains, but it is both legs, more the left one.  According to what I read, walking is good, sitting and stairs are not. Squatting is horrible.  After my shower though,  I couldn’t stand it anymore and cleaned the shower even though it meant squatting.  I got a Food Lion Instacart.   I spent time processing salmon into frozen meal prep packets,  and putting the ground chicken into 1 lb portions for making Lulu food.  The computer was getting the Not Responding so I ran defrags while off doing other things.  I went to bed early to rest as laying down and more sleep is good for sciatica.

Friday I read a little before getting up. It’s raining again.  I did a lot of work on 2021 posts. I spent some time figuring out some things to make more giveaways International.   It was great to see people linking up their reviews for the Read-along. I made scalloped potatoes with turkey sausage, and a new batch of dog food for Lulu.

Saturday, I worked on all my month end and year end statistics and link ups.  I tried hard to stay in place once I was sitting or standing to reduce pain.  Hopefully I’ll feel better to do more walking as it should have less rain this week.

December Reading:  I had an excellent reading month. Normally in December, I read what I want, taking less ARCs.  I managed to read 32 books. Audiobooks continue to help me read more. Some count for more than one challenge.  I listened to 17 audiobooks, read 14 library books,  14  COYER reads,   and 8 books which I already own.

Bookish Resolutions update:    I hoped I would break down my goals more into tasks but that never really happened this year.     I read many library books I just wanted to read.  I created post shells as I got ARCs. I was successful in reading more books I already own.

In December, I did manage to read 8 books I own (goal is 3 per month):

  • Unwind by Neal Shusterman, narrated by Luke Daniels
  • One Last Step by Sarah Sutton
  • The Perfect Death by Stacy Claflin
  • Trust No One by Debra Webb
  • Lost Hills by Lee Goldberg, narrated by Nicol Zanzarella
  • Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs, narrated by Holter Graham
  • Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs, narrated by Holter Graham
  • Fair Game by Patricia Briggs, narrated by Holter Graham

2020 Reading:             

  • 351 – Total books
  • 169 – Audiobooks
  • 60 – Books I own
  • 178 – COYER Reads
  • 103- Library reads

All Library books (including ones not reviewed on the blog)  2020 Library Love Challenge

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality.  These are the exciting ARCs I received this week (If you click on the cover, it will take you to the Goodreads entry):


 Thank you to PICT Tours,  Kimberly at Caffeinated PR,  and a Goodreads giveaway by William Morrow.


(If you click on the cover, it will take you to the Goodreads entry)


I saw the first book in Agent G was on sale for 99¢ and was able to add the audio for $1.99.  Lost Girls was on sale for 99¢ which will make it cheaper to add the audio than using a credit.  Tell Nobody by Patricia Gibney as a 99¢ Kindle deal.


I picked up these 2 in the 2-1 credit sale at Audible this past week.



Then I got these 8 titles in a big Chirp sale for between $2.99- $5.99.


Now the really scary one. This is all the Kindle and Audible freebies I grabbed this past week. You can see why I need to do Thrifty Thursday to be sure I read a few at least one each month.




I really meant to cut back on freebies BUT  they are free so I guess that won’t be happening.


I’m not including things like reviews posted or upcoming as they are always in the right sidebar. And, my challenge status is also there.

I hope everyone had another restful week with still some days off work.  Happy New Year!





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Posted January 3, 2021 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Sunday Post / 50 Comments

50 responses to “Sunday Post – 3 January 2021

  1. Wow, Anne! Your book haul is amazing. I enjoyed the Heather Chavez book (we selected it as a group read in one of my groups), as well as Lost Girls, The Wrong Side of Goodbye and The Kept Woman.

    Oh, sweet Lulu? I’ve probably guessed wrong in my vote and also see a bit of Cocker Spaniel in her but she’s probably wore fox terrier. You made the selection tough.

    Great post, Anne, and have a great week!

    Jonetta (Ejaygirl) | Blue Mood Café recently posted: Saturdays at the Café
    • Well there were lots of sales / deals this week. Most of the Chirp ones were $3. The Lost Girls was only 99¢ and I want to try to start reading those. I can get them at the library but would love to listen and none of my libraries have the audio. It’s cheaper to buy Kindle and add audio when Kindle is on sale. I won the Chavez book on Goodreads and probably had it on my want to read shelf because of you.

      Lulu’s results are so interesting. All but 2 of the breeds listed, she is part of those. So all the things she is are on the list, but some things are small percentages.

      Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: The Dark Archive by Genevieve Cogman
  2. Ugh I’ve had sciatica pain regularly since baby #4. There are stretches I should do everyday (but don’t) which are supposed to help, you can find suggestions by googling.
    I’m not terribly familiar with dog breeds but I made a guess.
    You have added a great selection of books to your shelves, enjoy!

    Wishing you a great reading week, and a happy new year!

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out recently posted: It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #SundayPost #SundaySalon
    • Thank you Shelleyrae. I hate the pain. I’m trying to do some of the things suggested. I feel like I can’t do anything. I just get to sitting or standing and then try to stay in that position. It’s the transitions which are killing me. I got some good deals on books. The Chirp total was only about $35 for 8 audiobooks. Thanks for voting about Lulu! I think it’s fascinating.

  3. It sounds like sciatica to me… and I swear by my TENS machine which really eases it up and is a fraction of what it used to cost me to go to see the physio, as I get regular flare ups due to an old back injury and the fact I spend too much time sitting at my computer!

    I am awed at the number of books you read, Anne – that is amazing. Especially as you are also so busy doing so many other things, too! I hope the coming week is a good one and I look forward to seeing if my guess regarding Lulu is right!

    • Yes from what I googled I think it is sciatica. I’m not a fan. Hopefully it ends soon and never happens again. I listen to audiobooks while I do almost everything. I’m also a pretty fast reader. Thanks for voting about Lulu. I find it fun and so fascinating.

  4. Sciatica is a bear. I’ve never suffered from it, but my husband does. Glad you could get the walks in and still get a bunch of stuff done around the house, shopping, and on the blog. We had snow showers now and then that kept me from my daily walks, but I got some tedious organizational tasks and going through done inside on those days.
    Nice adds from the sales. I hope you love The Tory.

    Have a good week, Anne!

    Sophia recently posted: Sunday Post - 3 January 2021
  5. Iza

    Sciatica is painful, you’ve been doing a lot even with the pain ! I don’t know about Lulu’s DNA but I always enjoy looking at her pictures, she’s so cute 🙂 Enjoy your Agatha Christie novels, I read 5 of them not so long ago and loved them (well, maybe the ending of one of them less, but I won’t spoil).

    • Thank you! I’ve read Agatha Christie all of them in the past but now I’m collecting a bunch on audio. I could get many from the library but I like having them. The same with Dick Francis. I suspect it is the English accent. I really appreciate you voting about Lulu. I think it is lots of fun to see the guesses and I made my own guesses before we got the results.

    • Thank you Vi! I listen to audio while doing almost everything. I read every day pretty much. This year we didn’t travel and that is where I lose reading on ebooks time but often get more audiobook time. The other thing is I don’t watch tv very often. We are trying hard to stay safe and stay at home. Especially as I think there may be an increase in cases after the holiday traveling / gathering. We went nowhere, not even for a pickup.

      Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: 2021 Jan/Feb/Mar Library Love Challenge Link Up & Giveaway
  6. That is a lot of books. I, too, read what I want in December. I’m blown away by how much I allowed myself to read. I listened to audiobooks and they have been great but what you have down sounds like a book marathon. Congrats! happy new year!

  7. Wow look at all those books that you read for the year, that is amazing to see. Happy New Year and hope you and yours will have a year of blessings and peace in 2021.

  8. Lulu definitely has some terrier. I went with wire fox instead of jack russell based on her fur, but she has markings that are jack ish! Sorry to hear about the leg pain! hopefully it heals quickly!
    Happy New Year!

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: Happy New Year!
  9. I hope your pain is getting better. It sounds like it is really impacting your life which is no good. You had such a good year of reading! I can’t wait to see what breed Lulu is. There is a part of me that would love to do tests on my three dogs but I am too cheap! You picked up so many wonderful books this week. I really enjoyed The Tory and think you will as well. Have a great week!

    • Yes I hate having to think about every move. I try to do all my standing stuff before I sit. Then I try to do as much sitting stuff as I can until I have to get something else. It’s the transitions which are killing me. I didn’t want to spend for the DNA but I got it on sale and I just had to know; I was so curious. I think I will love the Tory because I love the Revolutionary War time period and Shane East. The Chirp deals were good with 8 of them for about $35, many were $3.

      Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: 2021 Jan/Feb/Mar Library Love Challenge Link Up & Giveaway
  10. I think you had a very productive week. There are a couple of guys named Bob and Brad on YouTube that are PT and they talk about how you can tell if you have sciatica or something else. (the video is called: Your Sciatica-is it from Piriformis Syndrome or a Herniated Disc? How to Tell.) That might help 🙂 Hope you have a great week!

    Victoria A Hamel recently posted: The First Sunday of 2021 is Here!
  11. I hope your legs and back will be better soon Anne! And 32 books??? Wow! I never know how you can read more than one book a day.

    • Thank you Sophie! Well some audio books are 6-7 hours and if I listen all day while cleaning, walking, etc I finish it. More often I read a book over 2 nights and I listen to an audio over 2 days. But together that makes 2 in 2 days.

  12. Hope your hip and leg pain resolves! Good that your daughter is getting her sleeping schedule back to normal. It’s a bummer to live with someone when they sleep at opposite times.

    You read a lot of books last year! I love the Alpha & Omega series. I’ve read it through 2xs now but I wouldn’t mind another re-read especially with a new one coming.

    Rachel recently posted: Sunday Post #104
    • Thanks Rachel! This is my second read of the Alpha & Omega. The first was actually in paperback from the library and since then I have purchased the audiobooks, so this round is on audio. It definitely makes it rough to coordinate meals together if we aren’t awake at the same time. Often we just eat dinner together which is her breakfast or lunch and my dinner.

  13. I really hope your pain feels better this next week!

    I voted for Jack Russell on your dog, but I was torn between Wire Haired Terrier. I really want to get a DNA test for my dog, but my husband is a grump about it. I also found out they now make them for cats so of course I’d love to get one for the cat too! However she is a barn-born tuxedo cat so I doubt there is much to find out “fancy” breed wise.

    I have just started to get back into audiobooks because I realized I could listen to them on the drive to pick up my son from school. It’s a good 30-40 minutes in my day that I’m not “doing anything else”. It has been helping thus far.

    Congrats on so many books read! I read a total of 4 last year ^^;

    Happy new year and thank you for stopping by my blog.

    • Thanks for voting! It’s fun to see what people think. We were told she was a wire fox terrier mix but her shape is more Jack Russell. I have over the last 5 years incorporated audiobooks into my days while I do chores, cook, run errands, do yardwork, crafting, and today while I walked the dog. I gradually found more and more times I could listen. I’m a big fan now.

      Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: 2021 Jan/Feb/Mar Library Love Challenge Link Up & Giveaway
  14. I hope your leg and back are feeling better, Anne. Sounds like December was a great reading month for you! I am glad you were able to get in so much reading. Your new ARCs all sound good. I hope you enjoy them! Yay for Agatha Christie!

    I hope you have a great week, Anne.

  15. Happy New Year Anne! I’m so sorry about your sciatica, I hope it’s improving! Have you looked up some yoga stretches? I know a good stretch can be really helpful (but also painful, so IDK).

    I’m curious to see the breed on Lulu! That will be fun to learn! Have a great week Anne 🙂

  16. Hi Anne! Wow! That haul will cover me for the rest of the year! Such a lovely diverse list. You can definitely pick what you want to read when you want to!

    Hope you will enjoy all of them.

    I also hope that you are feeling much better, take care of yourself!

    Elza Reads

  17. Jen

    Happy New Year!! I don’t know what breed she is (I’m not a dog person), but Lulu is super cute!! I hope you are feeling better this week.

    • Well it just kept getting worse so today I as able to get into a new chiropractor and massage therapist, and it’s better. I go back to the chiro tomorrow and both again in a week. So I think I’m on a better track now. Thank you.