Review Policies

Thank for your interest in Books of My Heart.

Submitting a book for review does not guarantee your book will be featured at Books of My Heart.  Approval depends on our interest in reading the novel, and our schedule, and whether you meet the requirements of our review policy.   We would love to respond to every request but it’s not possible.  We normally have review copies for books scheduled for two months out, with some as much as six months in advance.  We may WANT to review your book but since we love to read we tend to be fairly committed on a schedule.

Reviews are based solely on the individual blogger’s personal opinion and as a result, we can not guarantee whether it will be positive or negative. If a review has negative aspects about issues we had,  our reviews are NEVER about author bashing. Not every book works for everyone. If we DNF (did not finish) the book, we will not review it.

Our team is made up of three full-time reviewers and two part-time reviewers.

Our preferred method of receiving e-galleys is through NetGalley, or from the publishers or publicity teams. We occasionally accept review requests from authors. But again we can not guarantee we will review or even respond to requests.

If you want to contact us,  you can email us at


Accepted Formats:

  • ARCS/Galleys
  • eBooks (PDF, EPUB, MOBI)
  • Audiobooks (Downloads, MP3 CDs, codes, etc.)
  • Physical copies

Genres Reviewed:

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Romance – Paranormal | Erotic | Contemporary | Historical | Suspense
  • Young Adult – Dystopia/Paranormal / Fantasy only
  • Mystery
  • Thrillers


Review links are posted on Facebook, and Twitter, and often the reviewer’s personal Twitter account.  Reviews are posted on the reviewer’s Goodreads page.  We post to retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc by request.



These are matched up to the star ratings on Goodreads.  We do use half-hearts, if it is between categories.

    It was amazing!  Loved it, would recommend it highly, and would read it again.
     Really liked it. Would recommend it.
    Liked it.  This is a book we liked! 3 hearts is not a bad review! We are glad we read it. We may have had a small issue or it just wasn't for us but may be fine for someone else.
 It was OK. Either it wasn't a book for us or there were some issues we had.
We probably didn't like it. Also, we probably aren't posting the review on the blog.



    I'm on fire! Please fuck me now.
    Whoa! Sex could be on or off page. But the sex scenes are arousing or well-written sex scenes.
    Sex could be on or off page. Flirting, banter, kissing, making out.
  Flirting, banter, kissing, making out. At most, sex off page.
 Flirting, banter, maybe kissing.