I can’t really remember any time when I wasn’t reading.  I LOVE books and what they give me.  It’s an opportunity to learn new things, see new places,  live different emotions in a “safe” way.  It lets me live in a new world.

I read all types of books but my favorites are urban fantasy and romantic suspense.  I like some romance and some action / adventure / mystery in everything.  I like sex in my books but please, only between TWO people.  Intimate conversation is equally important to the sex in a book.  It lets me see the characters.  The other thing I enjoy is humor.

Anne Reads:

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Romance – Paranormal, Contemporary, Suspense
  • Mysteries, Action / Adventure, Thrillers
  • Science fiction
  • Cookbooks, Knitting books, Sewing books, Quilting books,  Fitness books, and other non-fiction stuff where I need more info


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