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Thrifty Thursday : Journalist edition @MadamWillowRose ‏ #MichaelMaxwell @TarahBenner #KJKalis #ThriftyThursday

Thrifty Thursday : Journalist edition @MadamWillowRose ‏ #MichaelMaxwell  @TarahBenner #KJKalis #ThriftyThursday

The purpose of Thrifty Thursday is to read a book which was free (at some point). Kindle freebie on June 28, 2022  (currently $4.99 and in Kindle Unlimited as of writing this post) Overall rating 3.98 with 4,259 ratings and 376 reviews     Interesting premise to start to a story. A somewhat famous journalist […]

Pearl Sky by Elizabeth Hunter @EHunterWrites @valentine_pr_

Pearl Sky by Elizabeth Hunter @EHunterWrites  @valentine_pr_

The Elemental Legacy series (Ben / Tenzin)  builds upon the very beginning which is Elemental Mysteries (Original series)and then the Elemental World. (Expanded World)   I would classify Elemental Mysteries and Elemental Legacy as urban fantasy as they deal with one couple primarily, whereas Elemental World is more paranormal romance with a different couple or character in […]

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Hold On to Me by Karen Grey @KarenWhitereads #HomeCookedBooks

Hold On to Me by Karen Grey @KarenWhitereads   #HomeCookedBooks

The Carolina Classics series continues with what I thought would be Whitney’s story, but it’s Sully.  We get both his and Helen’s points of view.    All five friends: Violet, Danielle, Whitney, Sully and Ford make appearances and they socialize together except Whitney. Sully initially is living with Dani, as a roommate not a romantic […]

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