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Sunday Series: DC Smith by Peter Grainger #PeterGrainger @GildartJackson @TantorAudio #SundaySeries #KindleUnlimited #LoveAudiobooks

Sunday Series: DC Smith by Peter Grainger #PeterGrainger @GildartJackson @TantorAudio #SundaySeries #KindleUnlimited #LoveAudiobooks

  I needed to figure out a way to start reading series where I am not current or the series is finished but haven’t read them yet.  So it’s a way to commit myself to read my backlist, particularly series.  Of course, I chose a series to begin which I didn’t put in my graphic. […]

🎧 Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster @BecMcMaster @AlisonLarkinTEA @TantorAudio #LoveAudiobooks #KindleUnlimited @4saintjude

🎧 Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster @BecMcMaster @AlisonLarkinTEA @TantorAudio #LoveAudiobooks #KindleUnlimited @4saintjude

I adore the steampunk genre, and several years ago I discovered Bec McMasters’ London Steampunk series.  Recently, I was surprised to find there was a connected series that I had not read.  Unfortunately, it only took me two chapters into the new book to realize I remembered very little about the original series, except for […]

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🎧 Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros @RebeccaYarros @rsolervo @TEDDYHAMILTON14 @recordedbooks #LoveAudiobooks

🎧 Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros  @RebeccaYarros @rsolervo @TEDDYHAMILTON14 @recordedbooks #LoveAudiobooks

I’m here to tell you Fourth Wing is worth the hype.  I highly recommend it!  Who doesn’t love dragons? There is great world-building with young adults trying for different colleges of a sort. Violet, our heroine, is the daughter of a dragon rider and a scribe.  Because her physical strength is limited and she loves […]

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Read-along & #Giveaway: Hunted by Kevin Hearne @KevinHearne @luckylukeekul @DelReyBooks @PRHAudio #Read-along #GIVEAWAY #LoveAudiobooks @4saintjude

Read-along & #Giveaway: Hunted by Kevin Hearne @KevinHearne @luckylukeekul @DelReyBooks @PRHAudio  #Read-along #GIVEAWAY #LoveAudiobooks @4saintjude

  Hunted, the sixth installment in the Iron Druid Chronicles, is another exhilarating supernatural thriller that takes readers on a non-stop, action-packed journey.  I stopped reading this series mid-way through Tricked and I was happy for an excuse to jump back in.  In Hunted, the story picks up immediately after the events of Trapped, where […]

🎧 Elantris by Brandon Sanderson @BrandSanderson #JackGarrett @RecordedBooks #LoveAudiobooks #JIAM @4saintjude

🎧  Elantris by Brandon Sanderson @BrandSanderson #JackGarrett @RecordedBooks #LoveAudiobooks #JIAM @4saintjude

Epic fantasy, by definition, should be epic.  It typically involves a grand and sweeping narrative that spans a vast world with many characters, cultures, and conflicts.  I find that they are often stories that stay with me forever.  That might be good, seeing as they usually require a huge investment in time (and sometimes money, […]

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