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Today’s friend is the wonderful Jen from That’s What I’m Talking About.  I knew of Jen back in the Twilight vampire days because of a mutual friend in Michigan but she may not know that connection. I got to know her better on Twitter and through the Fitreaders group.  I enjoy her daily tweets about various things in life; and I read her blog.




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A Trace of Copper by Anne Renwick @AnneRenwick1 @Twimom227 ‏ #FriendsOnFridayA Trace of Copper by Anne Renwick
Published by Self-Published Genres: Steampunk
Pages: 200
Format: eARC
Source: Author

New recruit to the Queen’s agents, Dr. Piyali Mukherji is given a simple first assignment. Travel to the small Welsh village of Aberwyn and solve the mystery of a young woman’s blue skin lesion. A challenging task, for the alarming infection is unlike anything she’s seen before—and it’s spreading.

Evan Tredegar, the town’s pharmacist and the only man to ever capture her heart, knows more than he’s telling. Despite his efforts to push her away, her touch reawakens old desires. As more villagers fall victim to the strange disease, he’ll have no choice but to reveal his secrets, even if it means sacrificing his freedom.

Together they must move past broken promises, capture a rogue frog, and stop the infection before it spreads out of control.


Dr. Piyali Mukherji, an agent of the Queen, is on her first assignment: she is sent to a small village to determine the cause of a mysterious infection. Although she’s excited to solve the challenging case, she’s on edge because her once-fiancé is the town’s pharmacist.

Evan Tredegar never stopped loving Piyali, however the day he returned from his travels abroad, a tragic event prevented him from contacting her. When she shows up in his small town, he realizes time cannot erase his love or passion.

A Trace of Copper is a wonderful novella set in the Elemental Web steampunk world. It’s a standalone mystery/romance, and knowledge of the series/world is not needed. The main characters are smart and witty. Ms. Renwick’s storytelling is both intellectually stimulating as well as emotionally satisfying.

Piyali and Evan remained loyal to one another for the years he was abroad and she was in medical school, and through the mystery of the blue frog, have a means to reconnect and rekindle their love story. The romance is always present in glances and small touches, but the pair would have to push aside feelings to work on the case. But passion can only be bottled for so long when working next to the person you love. Their love story is innocent and sweet, while the separation added a flame of heat to their romance.

Solving the medical case, as well as watching all of the other pieces of the story fall into place was exciting. I so enjoy the Elemental Web world and Ms. Renwick’s writing style! I cannot wait to read (or listen to) more!

My Rating:  A-   Enjoyed A Lot


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About Anne Renwick

Though Anne Renwick holds a Ph.D. in biology and greatly enjoyed tormenting the overburdened undergraduates who were her students, fiction has always been her first love. Today, she writes steampunk romance, placing a new kind of biotech in the hands of mad scientists, proper young ladies and determined villains.

Anne brings an unusual perspective to steampunk. A number of years spent locked inside the bowels of a biological research facility left her permanently altered. In her steampunk world, the Victorian fascination with all things anatomical led to a number of alarming biotechnological advances. Ones that the enemies of Britain would dearly love to possess.

About Jen at That’s What I’m Talking About

Jen began her reading journey at a young age, when she would spend her spare change to buy books, just so she could have them on her shelf after she was done reading them. Now that she’s grown and her reading tastes matured, she finds that she’s still the same girl who likes to read and look at the pretty books on her shelf (or rather, shelves!). Although these days, she admits that she spends most of her time reading on her Kindle or listening to audiobooks than with her nose in a good ol’ book.

I founded That’s What I’m Talking About on January 28, 2010, as a place to discuss in better detail the books we were chatting about on Twitter. My blog is a project of love, and I’m so glad to share it with you.

I am a full-time mom, with a part-time job outside the home. I have two (mostly) wonderful teenage children: The Boy (a high-schooler) and Baby Girl (BG). My background is in engineering and urban planning, but now I work part-time for a small non-profit writing plans and managing grants. I would love to spend more time reading and blogging, but it doesn’t pay the bills! Joining me on my journey is also my husband and our 2 cats. We reside in the New England region of the United States.

I mostly review small-town, light contemporaries, romantic comedies, urban fantasy (UF), historical romances, steampunk, paranormal romances, and historical and cozy mysteries; but my tastes are diverse, and I do read/review in other genres. I also enjoy audiobooks, even more than my Kindle these days.

I love to talk about books and reading, so please drop me a line or find me on the web:

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Posted February 9, 2018 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Friends on Friday / 7 Comments

7 responses to “A Trace of Copper by Anne Renwick

  1. Melanie

    I’ve still have yet to try a steampunk story. I keep saying that I will. Maybe one day it will actually happen. Glad you enjoyed this one.

    • This one sounds awesome. I also recommend the first in the new series by Jim Butcher – The Aeronaut’s Windlass. Another one I want to try is the steampunk series by Devon Monk.

      • Jen

        Anne: I wouldn’t really call The Aeronaut’s Windlass steampunk… it’s more “Etherpunk” and fantasy, as there isn’t a lot in the way of steam tech, but it is a great book. If you want great Steampunk Romance – start with The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook. Hands down the best series of the genre. I also really like Bec McMasters’ London Steampunk, which is a combo paranormal romance with steampunk elements. I also enjoy the Mystery of Peculiar Occurrences series by Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris… which eventually has a romance, but is more adventure.

        • oh yes I am also Interested in the Meljean Brook and Bec McMasters’s series. You haven’t seen the Devon Monk series? It’s the only one of her series I haven’t read.

        • Jen

          No – I actually forgot about that one… *adds to TBR* When it came out one of my review partners grabbed it, so I didn’t read it.

    • Jen

      There are some good ones out there. I highly recommend this series – I’ve listened to the two full-length titles in audiobook. It’s a great alternate timeline, rich in science and adventure romance!!

  2. Jen

    Thanks for inviting me to participate in the Friends on Fridays review! So much fun. And… we have a Michigan connection? Let’s chat on Twitter or offline about that one! Yea!!