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This is a new feature I developed where each month we will look at our favorite – the best – series in a genre.

Narrators have a big impact on how great these series are.

In this post, I will be highlighting new-to-me audiobook series I have discovered in the last year. These are series I prefer(red) the audio rather than reading them. These are not my favorite series or best audiobooks for the year which I will cover in December.  There are some additional new series where I have only listened to one book (so far) and did not include them. These are new series which I have definitely enjoyed.  I would recommend them to anyone, although they are diverse in genre.

My newly discovered Audiobook series are (in author alphabetical name order):


JImmy Vega mysteries    by Suzanne Chazin               Sebastian St. Cyr  by CS Harris

Narrator:     Thom Rivera                                                Narrator: Davina Porter

Mystery / Thriller                                                             Historical mysteries



Angie Pallorino  by Loreth Anne White                   The Guild Codex: Demonized  by Annette Marie

Narrator: Julia McKay                                                     Narrator:  Cris Dukehart

Romantic suspense,  Mystery / Thriller                        Urban fantasy



X-Ops series by Paige Tyler                                         Witchcraft Mysteries by Juliet Blackwell

Narrator: Holly Adams                                                 Narrator: Xe Sands

Paranormal romance                                                     Cozy mystery, urban fantasy


What series have you recently discovered on audio?

Leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite audio series or newest finds. Have you listened to any of  my new listens?

So I have some audiobooks on CD  or MP3 which I bought or had for review and I will be giving away over this post.


This giveaway will be different than others I have done.  Enter through the rafflecopter below. Because of shipping, this will be US only.  I have listed the titles which are available for the giveaway.  Winner will have some input as to which audiobook they prefer.



Run to Ground   by Katie Ruggle,  narrated by Callie Beaulieu  (MP3)      (Romantic suspense)

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter, narrated by Khristine Hvam  (MP3)          (Urban fantasy )

Lock In by John Scalzi, narrated by Wil Wheaton (MP3)                                 (Science fiction)


Red Sister by Mark Lawrence, narrated by Heather O’Neill  (CDs)                 (Fantasy)

Heart of Evil  by Heather Graham, narrated by Luke Daniels (CDs)    (Romantic suspense)


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Posted June 13, 2020 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Giveaway, JIAM, Series on Saturday / 15 Comments

15 responses to “Series on Saturday: Audiobook series

    • I started slowly listening to CDs from the library, while packing to move to NC. Fantasy is my favorite genre to listen to on audio. I also like scifi. One of the earliest things I listened to (yes on CDs) was Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series because Ace sent us a book which was something like #15 as an ARC. I loved it and I have been buying some of them when they are on sale at Audible.

      Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Audio: Deadly Silence by OMG Ryan
  1. Janie McGaugh

    My favorite new-to-me audiobook series this year is Rosalind James’ Escape to New Zealand series. I haven’t listened to any of your new favorite series.

  2. I read the Loreth Ann White series, but I’m happy to hear the audio is good. Maybe I’ll do a re-read. I discovered Anna Lee Huber just before the end of the year. I flew through her Verity Kent series, and then moved on to her Lady Darby series. Both narrated by Heather Wilds who was fabulous!

  3. Those are good ones. I’ve only read some and haven’t listened to any on your list.

    Just realized all my new to me favorites are all mysteries. Here they are: Ghostly Southern Mysteries by Tonya Kappes, Sister Frevisse Mysteries by Margaret Frazer, and Lady Darby Mysteries by Anna Lee Huber. Oh, and Mercy Thompson by Patricia Briggs (since technically this is the first time I’ve listened to the series).

    Sophia recently posted: Series on Saturday: Audiobook series
    • The Guild Codex is fun! I find it easier to fit in audiobooks than ebooks when I’m tired because I can listen while I cook, weed the garden, mow the lawn, walk the dog, sew, quilt, cook dinner, fold laundry, run errands. I am listening off /on throughout the day. It took awhile to get used to it though

      Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: American Demon by Kim Harrison
  4. I’m listening to The Guild Codex by Annette Marie. That’s a fun series. I also just started Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries series by Angie Fox. OH My is it fun. Witchcraft Mysteries by Juliet Blackwell looks like fun. I’ll have to check it out.