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Sunday, I have another good night of sleep, getting up just in time for book club.  The weather was gorgeous 75 F (22c?) and sunny.  But it’s back to rain and cooler temps tomorrow.  My daughter is more stressed as tomorrow is her midterm exam.

Monday,  it was back to rain.  I made chicken fajitas for dinner and a new batch of food for Lulu. My hip was really hurting so then I had to go lay down. My daughter went to take her midterm exam.  Tuesday, the sun came out I still have SDB iris blooming.  I got a Food Lion Instacart.  My daughter wasn’t feeling well, even though she did well on her exam, so she slept most of the day.  I finished Lulu’s first sweater and will need to make a few minor adjustments for the next one.

Wednesday, my daughter was up before me (since she slept all day yesterday) but at least I got 6.5 hours straight of sleep.  For a couple days, I have been trying to get my daughter’s prescriptions filled and now they are ready, so I will get them tomorrow.  My pain in the right leg has been pretty steady for a few days. So I was glad they called to offer me an hour massage slot that opened tomorrow.  We got Seafood paella from the neighborhood chef for dinner.

Thursday, I had divided sleep and went right to my chiro/massage appointment.  Afterwards, I ran to the pharmacy drive thru to pickup my daughter’s Rx.  Then picked her up to get our dinner. The neighborhood had a food truck – Cousins Main Lobster – and we got GF lobster tacos.   Yummy.   Then I was starting to hurt and went to lay down.  I finished the first of three books for my series of the month reads.   So my trip upstairs to the office was very late.  My Kindle acted up when I wanted to read, making me change my pin and then saying Just a Sec for like an hour, so I read on my phone, until I finally powered the Kindle off and back on again.

Friday,  I woke feeling better which might have been the massage/chiro adjustment yesterday or the heating pad I used lightly at the end of the day and first thing this morning or it might be that I slept 6 hours and then quickly added another 4 hours.   I’m not finding ice or exercise beyond certain stretches to be helpful at this time.  It’s the best I’ve felt in over a week so I was on a tear to do things. By late afternoon, I was hurting a lot if I was standing, but at least I was getting stuff accomplished.

Saturday, was pain if I stood for very long. My computer was doing the Not Responding Thing so I read while scans were running.  I finished the second of 3 books for my ReadaSeries in A Month Challenge.  The upcoming week is Spring break and pretty low key for us.  I decided I need to wind the skein for Lulu’s next sweater before I got off my legs to read.

2022 Read-along preferences

I’m planning on the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost next year.  I have mostly read it. So I have created a poll to get your input.

The 13 book option would include the 7 Cat & Bones books, the Spade/Denise book, the Mencheres / Kira book, and the 4 Vlad books. This would be one book every 4 weeks.

The 16 book option would add the 3 Ian books.  This would be one book every 3-4 weeks. ( We are doing 15 this year)


February Reading:  I had another good reading month.  I managed to 27 read books.  Some count for more than one challenge.  I listened to 9 audiobooks, read 12  library books, 14 COYER reads,  and  3 books which I already own.

All Library books (including ones not reviewed on the blog)  2020 Library Love Challenge

I created post shells as I got ARCs.  I did my first Library Love quarterly email. I also set up the others and am working to improve the format and content as I go along.

I did manage to read 3 books I own (goal is 3 per month):

  • Chef Sugarlips by Tawna Fenske
  • Sergeant Sexypants by Tawna Fenske
  • Falling Fast by JH Croix

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality.  These are the exciting ARCs I received this week (If you click on the cover, it will take you to the Goodreads entry):


Thanks so much to AceRoc,  and Elizabeth Hunter.                       


(If you click on the cover, it will take you to the Goodreads entry)


Now the really scary one. This is all the Kindle and Audible freebies I grabbed this past week. You can see why I need to do Thrifty Thursday to be sure I read a few at least one each month.






I really meant to cut back on freebies BUT  they are free so I guess that won’t be happening.


I’m not including things like reviews posted or upcoming as they are always in the right sidebar. And, my challenge status is also there.





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Posted March 7, 2021 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Sunday Post / 36 Comments

36 responses to “Sunday Post – 7 March 2021

    • Thank you Tammy. It has been a rougher week for pain management. I’d hoped I was turning a corner. It’s called a yarn swift to turn skeins into nicely wound balls which are less easily tangled. Some yarn comes in balls or skeins which don’t have to be wound but some skeins and hanks really need it.

      Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: The Conductors by Nicole Glover
  1. Chicken fajitas sound so great. I had a taco bell breakfast burrito this morning and I was flying with good energy. you must be a good cook.

    • Thank you Samantha! I hope it is temporary as it was a rougher week. I keep trying to figure out what works best but then something is inconsistent. Now I just want to do things and with better weather get out in the yard and garden.

  2. I’m so sorry you’re having so much pain, Anne. I hope it eases up soon. I’m amazed you’re able to do as much as you do, given the pain you’re in.

    Fun to see your yarn swift and ball winder! I just had mine out this morning, to wind a skein of handspun I plan to turn into an asymmetrical scarf or shawlette.

    That Chloe Neill cover is cool. I haven’t read her work before. Do you enjoy her books?

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: Sunday Post – March 7, 2021
    • Thank you Kara. It’s hard to not be able to do things as the weather gets nicer. I’m doing what I can. I think maybe it’s the first time I’ve set them up here. The ball winder is always set up, but I only set up the swift when I’m going to use it. I love Chloe Neill’s books and I think I have read all her series and all her books so far. She has 2 series in progress right now and I’m enjoying them both.

      Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Heartbreak Bay by Rachel Caine
  3. Jen

    Sounds like maybe you are starting to have more better days than “not so good” days? I hope your computer problem was fixed.

    I have read (listened to) all the original Night Huntress books (including the two standalones) and the Vlad books. I didn’t pick up the Ian books b/c I ended up not enjoying the last two Vlad ones. But if you end up doing the 16-book read along, I will jump in for his books!

    • Thanks Jen! I’d love to have you on board for some of the Read-along. Well I might say this last week was rougher than the one before. But I’m working on best practices to improve. Sleep is a key issue so I have to start trying to go to sleep earlier because whenever I only get 3-5 hours, the next day is not good. My computer issues got fixed but I talked to my brother. I realized my computer is 5 years old so maybe it’s time to update. I’ve been reviewing the task manager and both the HD and the memory are higher percentages so upgrades there might make sense in a new laptop. Oddly enough, my daughter is still using my old laptop (10 years old) as a second along with her new one. It’s still fine for what she uses it. I really hope with the great weather coming this week I’ll be able to do and get out a bit more.

  4. I am glad your daughter did well on her mid-term exam. Sounds like you had a full week. I hope this week brings you less pain. Look at all your new books! I am excited about the new Chloe Neill book. I enjoy the first two books in the series. I hope you have a great week. Take care!

  5. Sorry to hear you’ve so much pain this last week! Does the doctor say it will eventually get better? Do you know what’s causing it? Sounds like you had frustrations with your Kindle and computer too! At least we have books to distract us, right?

    We had lovely weather this last week too. We have rain in the forecast this next week, but I always welcome the rain since we seem to always be in a drought or on the verge of one. I think we have a good snow pack in the mountains this year, though.

    Rachel recently posted: Sunday Post #111
    • Well the doctor and chiro have said it is the IT band also known as bursitis. It is more commonly a knee issue but it id definitely my hips. The cause is some kind of repetitive motion injury. When I was walking more in Nov-Dec apparently I did too much too soon is the most likely scenario. There are about 6 loop routes of 1.5 – 2.5 miles in this neighborhood but a couple of them are very hilly and that may be the issue. It usually heals in 4-8 weeks and I’m now in week 11. It started in my left hip and now is in my right hip, and I’m not sure I did the right treatments initially. But pretty much – rest, sleep, ibuprofen, specific exercises and massage are the treatments. I’m doing all that but sometimes, partly because pain, I don’t sleep enough. My brother thinks if it continues I should see a PT.

      My Kindle seems fine for the last few days now, who knows what happened? I did do a bunch of research on my computer and have ordered a high end new one, as this current one is 5 years old now.

  6. The aches and pains sound dreadful and somewhat restricting which makes me admire how much you muscled through and got done. Hopefully, warmer temps will help. Wishing your daughter well on the midterm. Lulu looks good in her snazzy sweater. Nicely done on your reading goals last month. I’m just starting the first of my Can You Read a series books.
    Oh, and I checked that I’d like to do the readalong, but I’m on the fence if I’ll do it all or just the books I haven’t read (I just need some of the Vlad and Ian books). We’ll see. You’re so wonderful to plan ahead and host the readalongs.

    Have a great week, Anne!

    • Thanks Sophia! I just do what I can. It’s more frustrating with better weather as there is more I want to do. Sometimes I just do push ahead because I have things I need to do. I love to plan ahead so I’m just trying to get an idea of what people think. My daughter did well on her midterm and I’m enjoying this week of having more time with her as she is feeling better.

  7. Some interesting books. I wasn’t a fan of the unspoken name but I’m curious to see your review for it. Happy reading!

  8. I’m so sorry to hear about the hip pain. I hope the meds and doctors can provide some kind of relief. That’s great that your daughter did well on her exam and I hope she’s feeling better after getting some rest. I hope this week is better.

  9. Lorna

    I’m sorry sorry you are in such pain. I had bursitis of the shoulder and was put on medication that helped a lot. Not pain meds. It was a really long time ago but I remember the doctor telling me that because it clicked when I moved it that was how they could tell it was bursitis. Once I healed it stayed healed. I hope yours heals fast! 11 weeks is a long time! I had to quit getting so many freebies because my Kindle is full of them. I still like to look though and still get them occasionally.

  10. I have not been doing any knitting for a few months now. I hope to pick it up soon but finding it a struggle now to dabble in many hobbies. I’ll have to see what I can do. Love that you have a ball winder and swift.

    Hope you have a great week ahead with lots of reading and hobby time!

    Athira recently posted: Book hopping | Weekly Snapshot
    • Thank you Athira. It is a beautiful weather week. I haven’t started knitting the next sweater even though I have the ball now. I just seem to have so much to do! Of course today I am short on time because I managed to sleep 10 hours but that is a key to having a lot less pain. But I have more time to work on things when I only sleep 4 hours, I just hurt a lot more.

      Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: Drown Her Sorrows by Melinda Leigh
  11. I’m definitely in for next year’s read-along! Already putting it in my calendar. Hope you get to feeling better soon and I love the sweater. Cass has been living on boiled chicken and rice and once his pancreatitis clears up, I’m thinking of going the natural homemade route with them too. Hope you and your daughter have a great week and sorry for being MIA!