2021 Library Love Results #LibraryLoveChallenge @angels_gp

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  • Dewey Decimal: Read 12 books
  • Thrifty Reader: Read 24 books
  • Overdrive Junkie: Read 36 books
  • Library Addict: Read 48 books
  • Library Card on Fire: Read 60+ books


Now I am a host for the challenge so I don’t participate in the giveaways but I’m still tracking my reads and savings.  I had a total of 62 for the middle of the year, and at year end I’m at 99. That’s Library Card on Fire and about 2 reads a week, not too shabby.

I use my library extensively for all formats. I take the opportunity to read or listen to earlier books in a series when I am catching up, to try out new series, or for non-fiction research.


All Library books read:

2021 Library reads


Library savings:       $1,464.18

These are calculated using prices from Amazon for Kindle or Paperback and Audible for audiobooks.


1. Bitter Truth by CJ Carmichael        $ 4.99
2. Why Mermaids Sing by CS Harris    🎧                              $24.49
3. Disorderly Conduct by Rebecca Zanetti    $ 4.99
4. Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh   $ 7.99
5. Big Kibble by Shawn Buckley$14.99
6. Lone Wolf by Sara Driscoll$ 2.99
7. Before It's Too Late by Sara Driscoll$ 7.11
8. Storm Rising by Sara Driscoll$ 0.99
9. No Man's Land by Sara Driscoll$ 5.98
10. First Cut by Judy Melinek      $ 9.99
11. Where Serpent's Sleep by CS Harris  🎧    $24.49
12. One of Us is Lying by Karen McManus $10.99
13. The Finder by Jeffrey B. Burton$13.99
14. Aftershock by Judy Melinek  $12.99
15. False Front by Debbie Baldwin$ 4.99
16. Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
17. The Twelve Dates of Christmas by Jenny Bayliss 🎧$28.00
18. Faithless in Death by JD Robb$14.99
19. Beach Read by Emily Henry 🎧$28.00
20. Thin Ice by Paige Shelton$ 7.99
21. Blink of an Eye by Iris Johansen$14.99
22. Wrong Alibi by Christina Dodd$ 9.99
23. Let It Be by Marie Force$ 4.99
24. Operation K9 Brothers by Sandra Owens$ 6.99
25. The Lying Game by Ruth Ware 🎧$27.99
26. The Forgotten by David Baldacci$ 11.99
27. The Escape by David Baldacci$ 9.99
28. K9 Defense by Elizabeth Heiter$ 3.99
29. One Snowy Night by Patience Griffin$ 7.99
30. Cold Wind by Paige Shelton$13.99
31. Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
32. No Man's Land by David Baldacci$ 9.99
33.  What Remains of Heaven by CS Harris 🎧$ 24.49
34. Splintered Silence by Susan Furlong $ 4.79
35. Fractured Truth by Susan Furlong$ 1.99
36. Shattered Justice by Susan Furlong $ 1.99
37. The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by VE Schwab 🎧 $46.89
38. Dorian by Nalini Singh$11.99
39. Books Can Be Deceiving by Jenn McKinlay$ 7.99
40. Long Lost by Harlan Coben$ 8.99
41. Live Wire by Harlan Coben$ 9.99
42. Home by Harlan Coben$ 9.99
43. A Soupcon of Poison by Jennifer Ashley$ 2.99
44. Death Below Stairs by Jennifer Ashley$11.99
45. Scandal Above Stairs by Jennifer Ashley$ 9.99
46. Death in Kew Gardens by Jennifer Ashley$ 9.99
47. Deadly Anniversaries by Marcia Muller$ 7.49
48. Murder in the East End by Jennifer Ashley$ 9.99
49. Branded by Fire by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
50. Wide Open Eyes by Iris Johansen$ 0.99
51. State of Affairs by Marie Force$ 6.99
52. Blaze of Memory by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
53. The Lost Man by Jane Harper 🎧$27.99
54. The Graveyard Shift by Darynda Jones$ 2.99
55. Before She Was Found by Heather Gudenkauf 🎧$28.51
56. Bonds of Justice by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
57. Murder on Wall Street by Victoria Thompson$ 13.99
58. Vermillion Drift by William Kent Krueger 🎧$27.99
59. By Hook or By Crook by Eva Gates$ 2.99
60. Shelter by Harlan Coben$ 9.99
61. Pride, Prejudice & Other Flavors 🎧$34.22
62. Nothing More Dangerous by Allen Eskens 🎧$29.65
63. Missing and Endangered by JA Jance 🎧$30.79
64. Recipe for Persuasion by Sonali Dev 🎧
65. Play of Passion by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
66. Well Met by Jen DeLuca 🎧$28.00
67. Well Played by Jen DeLuca 🎧$28.00
68. A Christmas Journey by Anne Perry 🎧$27.97
69. A Christmas Visitor by Anne Perry 🎧
70. Kiss os Snow by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
71. Wild Invitation by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
72. The Wild Mountains by Sarah Stewart Taylor 🎧$25.51
73. The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead 🎧$28.00
74. Virgin River by Robyn Carr 🎧$30.79
75. Dead Man Dancing by John Galligan 🎧$17.00
76. Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
77. Say No to Joe? by Lori Foster$ 1.99
78. Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh$ 8.99
79. Wild Embrace by Nalini Singh$11.99
80. Murder at Kensington Palace by Andrea Penrose 🎧$20.99
81. Forgotten in Death by JD Robb$14.99
82. Murder at Queen's Landing by Andrea Penrose 🎧$20.99
83. The Stolen Hours by Allen Eskens 🎧$29.65
84. A Distant Grave by Sarah Stewart Taylor 🎧$25.51
85. Lightning Strike by William Kent Krueger 🎧$27.99
86. Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
87. Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh$ 8.99
88. Secrets at Midnight by Nalini Singh$ 2.99
89. Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews$ 2.99
90. Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh$ 7.99
91. Rising Danger by Jerusha Agen 🎧$22.81
Wrapped Up in You by Talia Hibbert 🎧$8.99 (Kobo)
Flowers in the Gutter by KR Gaddy 🎧$32.20
94. Keep Me Warm at Christmas by Brenda Novak 🎧$30.79
95. Mercy by David Baldacci 🎧$30.79
96. The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld 🎧$25.09
97. The Butterfly Girl by Rene Denfeld 🎧$27.37
98. Deep into the Dark by PJ Tracy 🎧$18.89
99. Falling by TJ Newman 🎧$18.89
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Posted January 2, 2022 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Library, Misc / 18 Comments

18 responses to “2021 Library Love Results

  1. You were sizzling this year and the savings were stellar, too. I do well at the beginning of each year and then fall off the wagon and start buying at some point. 🙂 I get good book/narrator recs from seeing what you have on the list.

    Sophia recently posted: 2021 Library Love Results
  2. well done. i think my library card expired and i have yet to renew it. we are, however, getting a new library right around the corner and i do anticipate spending some time there when it is ready. maybe they will renew it over the phone…i’ll have to check on that

    • I try. It’s a better way if I am not going to reread a book. And even if I reread, I might be able to get it at the library again. Although they don’t keep ebooks always of less popular series. But the most popular series seem to always be at the library, like Harry Potter and In Death, although not always in audio. I can always buy it later if I love it or if there is a good sale.

      Anne - Books of My Heart recently posted: 🎧 Twenty Years Later by Charlie Donlea