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Posted August 12, 2023 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Series on Saturday / 20 Comments

This is a new feature I developed where each month we will look at our favorite – the best – series in a genre or topic.

The topic here, by my definition,  is a series with main characters who are Time Travelers.  Now I would say I don’t even like time travel but I did enjoy these series.   These are the ones which came to mind.  I enjoyed some more than others.   The team had to help me find some of these.

Since I haven’t read everything, it’s a subset of the possibilities.  I’m sure I am forgetting some great authors. There are also plenty of authors I have yet to read. Please share your favorites with me in the comments, also.

My favorite Time Travel series are (in no particular order):



A Stitch in Time                                      Seba Segal                                            Outlander
by Kelley Armstrong                                     by Elizabeth Hunter                           by Diana Galbadon



Time Quintet                                                All Souls Trilogy                                Chronicles of St. Mary’s
by Madeline L’Engle                                          by Deborah Harkness                               by Jodi Taylor


What are your favorite series?

Vote for your top 3 favorites! You can vote for my favorites or tell me about favorites of your own in the comments.



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Posted August 12, 2023 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Series on Saturday / 20 Comments

20 responses to “Series on Saturday: Time Travel

  1. Gill

    Quite a few years ago these were popular, but not so many nowadays. Ones I’ve read in the past and enjoyed were
    Times Was and Times Change. A duology by Nora Roberts
    Banishment by Deryn Lake. Originally published as Dinah Lampitt
    Out of Time and Just in Time by Pauline Baird Jones
    Susan Squires wrote a few. Some better than others
    Barbara Erskine has written some great books but they are mostly time slip or dual time lines

  2. Anne

    I know I read many, many time travel books in my day. Of course, I can only think of three of them right now because you mentioned them (the Harkness, Armstrong and Taylor series). I gave up on the library getting the latest Taylor book, so I bought The Good, the Bad and the History by Jodi Taylor yesterday, at 41% now. Not only did I like the books, but I really liked the tv series for the All Souls Trilogy, that’s kind of rare.

  3. I’m not a big time travel fan – it raises too many questions and issues in my sciency brain. That said – is a Wrinkle in Time really time travel? I thought it was more of a space travel/alt dimensionish type of thing. I don’t recall any time travel, but it’s been a few years since I’ve read them (I only read the first three).