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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly  @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week, and showcase books and things we have received.

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Sunday, I stayed up very late finishing my book so I didn’t get up at the usual time.  I did my Sunday visiting. We got a little rain off and on today.  I wrote a review and updated the linky for COYER and Library Love with my reads for the first half of September. After dinner, I felt a bit stiff so I went to bed a bit early and used a heating pad.

Monday, another day with perfect weather. I was feeling a bit lazy so I did more reading than usual.  I went to bed early which only meant I stayed up late and finished 2 books.

Tuesday,  I slept a bit late.  My daughter was feeling seriously not well.  So I took care of Kayla, Abby and Lulu.  We glimpsed Marley and Franklin but they weren’t close enough to visit.  The weather is gorgeous.  I couldn’t get Saving Emma anytime soon at any libraries so I used an Audible credit to buy it.  I also got Jim Butcher’s new Warriorborn ( Cinder Spires #1.5) through KU. I’m reading that Twitter is going to start charging anyone who uses the service a monthly fee.  If so,  I’m out.  It’s already a mess.  I wonder how that will work with all the shares from blogs or rafflecopters and I’m guessing they won’t work.  If you are on Mastodon or Threads let me know your info so I can follow you.  Those sites have a smaller volume right now.

Wednesday, another great day for walking with our girls. I am changing out the filters in our air purifiers. I just noticed our passports expired this summer. Sigh. We went to the chiro and I picked up a bunch of staples at Aldi.

Thursday,  another beautiful day to get out and walk.  We did visit with Franklin.  I got to see Marley after we finished.  My daughter and I discussed which plants are dead and where we want to place the final fall plantings. We saw a black snake which is the biggest one I have seen in our yard. I tried to schedule our COVID / flu shots but the COVID boosters aren’t available yet at the places we go. Late afternoon I finally got out and pulled up the dead plants and put a load of the fresh dirt. I planted snow peas and some swiss chard from seeds.  I have one final wheelbarrow of the dirt to use when the asparagus plants arrive.

Friday, I was glad to have another day at home. I worked on a bunch of posts. Luckily, I got Lulu out for a walk before the rain really started.  The air was wet but we got our walk.

Saturday,  it’s raining.  I hated sending Lulu out in her little rain coat to go potty.  But she won’t go on the artificial turf we got for her. I wore a long sleeve shirt but I gave in and turned on the little space heater in the office for a bit in the morning..  It’s over the garage so I have that in the winter when it doesn’t get warm enough.  Gah it’s only been a week since it was like 95F / 35C with humidity. I wrote some reviews. I started soup in the crockpot. I tackled some sewing of the seams on the rest of my daughter’s shirts which were bothering her and shortened some flannel pajama pants.  The upcoming week looks dry and 70s.  So nice.

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by  Reading Reality.  These are the exciting ARCs I received this week (If you click on the cover, it will take you to the Goodreads entry):



My grateful thanks to Minotaur Books (2), Penguin Group Viking, Montlake, Penguin Audio,    Tantor Audio.                         


(If you click on the cover, it will take you to the Goodreads entry)


I used one of my Audible credits to buy this new release.  I picked These Still Black Waters as my Amazon First Reads choice. I used No Rush Rewards to purchase Bone Trail.

Now the really scary one. This is all the Kindle and Audible freebies I grabbed this past week. You can see why I need to do Thrifty Thursday to be sure I read a few at least one each month.





I really meant to cut back on freebies BUT  they are free so I guess that won’t be happening.


I’m not including things like reviews posted or upcoming as they are always in the right sidebar. And, my challenge status is also there.





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Posted September 24, 2023 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Sunday Post / 50 Comments

50 responses to “Sunday Post – 24 September 2023

  1. It’s been perfect weather here too this week. Today especially. And that Twitter news… yeah that will probably be the final straw for me too, sadly. I hate what’s going on over there.

    Anyway hope your weekend is nice and the great weather continues.

  2. The weather here has been really nice, like yours it’s a bit chilly in the mornings but it warms up during the day, and turns out beautifully. Have a wonderful week, Anne ☕📚🍁👻🧡

  3. I officially gave up on twitter when they changed the name to X. What a mess! And I cannot imagine what a mess it will be if they start charging? I can’t fathom paying for social media. Just crazy! I’m glad it cooled down for you guys. We could really use some rain-its been a while. Doesn’t look like it will happen anytime soon for us though.

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: September 24th
  4. Charging for Twitter??? Okay – I’m still there, though I HATE the new name. I’m guessing Musk carried that sink into the Twitter reception to demonstrate how he was going to flush the company down the drain… Glad the weather is more bearable for you guys – it’s steadily cooling down here, too. Though I’d be happy if we continued with the current milder weather for another few weeks – once the heating goes on for the winter, it tends not to go off. I hope your daughter feels a lot better soon, Anne – have a good week:).

  5. Ewwww A snake! Yuk! The weather here was really nice this past week too. So glad to hear on my blog that you are always careful on the motorcycle. I know lots that are, it seems it is the people in the vehicles that cause a lot of problems. That was the case with the kids accident I spoke of. Hope your daughter is feeling better!

    Barb @ Booker T's Farm recently posted: Farm News - September 24, 2023
  6. It’s not as hot here but it is nowhere near time to turn on any heaters yet. I did wear sweat around the house for the first time in a long time. I am really looking forward to Long Past Dues and hope to start it soon. Have a great week!

    Carole @ Carole's Random Life recently posted: Weekly Wrap Up #379
  7. Rain is def better than temps in the 90s. I hope you have a nice week and have plenty of time to putter in your garden and go for some nice walks in the cooler temps!

  8. Sorry to hear your daughter hasn’t been feeling well! Hope she feels better.

    We’ve been having cooler weather here so it’s wonderful being home. We’re sitting by a fire right now. It cools off quick and has been dipping into the mid 40s here. We haven’t had rain since Labor Day weekend though some is forecasted for next week. I need to cover my tomato plants at night. I started a bunch of seeds last week and they’re taking off. Radishes, lettuces, green onions and such.

    I’ll be having my flu shot at the hospital in October. They give it to all consenting employees. I’ll have to get the Covid at CVS since they don’t do it at the hospital anymore.

    I’m excited for The Boy Who Cried Bear and the new Orphan X! I haven’t requested the Orphan X yet.

    Rachel @Waves of Fiction recently posted: Sunday Post #223
  9. Sorry to hear your daughter wasn’t feeling well, Anne. I hope this week is better for her. I read something about Musk moving to make Twitter a pay service. He’s going to run it into the ground. I need to schedule our Covid boosters/flu shots, too. Just have to make sure they have the latest Covid vaccine. Soup in the slow cooker sounds divine. 🙂

  10. I don’t use Twitter anymore at all, but I haven’t closed my account; I wonder if I should, just in case. I hate what happened to it, but it was a great decade + for me while it lasted. I enjoy for Mastodon and Threads (although it still needs some upgrades). I also love Bluesky – I completely resisted for months, but now I”m glad I joined this past week. I just wish I could auto post on Threads and Bluesky.

    I hope your week is going smoothly!

    • I am not really using Twitter but my blog does auto share its posts. I don’t bother to share sales and deals there anymore. There are some people I connect with there so I’ll have to see where else I can find them. I like Mastodon and Threads ok but their volume is much lower as to number of posts although that may be because I am following and being followed by less people. Mastodon is hard to find people. I found a new WordPress plugin which does auto share to Threads (since July). It connects with 21 platforms but I don’t know about Blue Sky. It is called FS Poster. It is a $45 one time fee which includes future updates and 6 months support. I’m researching it a bit. It also does things like revive old posts and scheduling. I found it because I was looking for something to go to Threads. It would do the things I currently do through, IFTTT and Buffer combined plus more. Those 3 I use the free versions so there are limits on the number of socials or posts or both. This would not limit the accounts I could connect.

  11. I haven’t been doing much on Twitter, because I’m so disgusted with the direction Musk has been taking it. But yes, if they start charging, I will close my account. I’m going to check out Mastodon and Threads, and decide whether to do one or both. Threads will be relatively easy since I’m already on Instagram.

    I hope your daughter is feeling better, and that you all got through T.S. Ophelia safely. We had a lot of rain and some wind, but not enough to do much damage. A few thin branches down here and there, nothing major.

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: Secondary Characters Who Deserve Their Own Book