A Castle in the Air by Kelley Armstrong @KelleyArmstrong

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A Castle in the Air by Kelley Armstrong @KelleyArmstrong  A Castle in the Air by Kelley Armstrong
Series: Stitch in Time #4
on October 31, 2023
Genres: Science Fiction Fantasy
Pages: 389
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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Portia Hastings has spent her life rescuing her younger sister from one scrape or another. Now, she has to step through time to do it, following Miranda from the nineteenth century to the eighteenth. Almost immediately, Portia is beset by highwaymen, which might be the most exciting thing to happen to her in a long time, even if she’d never admit it. When one of the highwaymen is injured, Portia makes the inexcusable mistake of helping him—she is trained as a doctor after all. Her travel companions abandon her, and she’s left at the mercy of a highwayman who demands she continue tending to his compatriot’s wounds.

Portia soon finds herself at a crumbling castle inhabited by the destitute Earl of Ravensford. Benedict Sterling is in desperate need of money, and his solution is a ball, where a wealthy bride will win the title of countess, even if it does come with one thunderously ill-tempered earl. Portia agrees to a scheme to help Benedict look like a slightly more appealing bridegroom, while she continues to search for Miranda. Then there’s the small matter of the castle, complete with a ghost intent on driving her out. But once Portia sets her mind on something, she’s not going anywhere.

Kelly Armstrong has done a fabulous job with her Stitch In Time series.  While I don’t accurately know the specifics of some of the time periods, they are interesting to see in these stories.  The traveling is a bit magical, unreliable and not deeply explained.

Portia is the sister of the main characters in the last two books.  She’s been quite serious, working hard on her medical training, taking after her father, the doctor.  Portia is really well developed here.  She is really smart, honest and puts up with no nonsense.  It’s a joy to get to know her in A Castle in the Air.

Portia is worried about Miranda not coming back in a timely fashion. She decides she must go through the stitch to find and help her, even though she has had no interest in going to different times previously.  She finds a ride to the town where her sister and husband planned to travel but the family’s coach she travels with gets stopped by highwaymen.  The family is quite disgusting, as the wealthy can be.  They try to let just Portia be robbed but the crooks get the family’s money also.  When the rude son stabs one of the robbers, Portia is quick to come to his aid with medical treatment.

Portia ends up getting to know and appreciate the two highwaymen. They are brothers left in a tough situation when their father died.  I won’t spoil the details but Portia comes to care about their plight. They have a ghost in their home who is a bit determined to harm her.  Eventually, Miranda is able to confront the ghost to resolve the issue.  Portia is the one who really figures out the whole mess from Miranda’s original errand, to the highwaymen’s problems and to how the ghost was murdered.

About Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong has been telling stories since before she could
write. Her earliest written efforts were disastrous. If asked for a
story about girls and dolls, hers would invariably feature undead girls
and evil dolls, much to her teachers’ dismay. Today, she continues to
spin tales of ghosts and demons and werewolves, while safely locked
away in her basement writing dungeon. She lives in southwestern
Ontario with her husband, kids and far too many pets.

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Posted October 31, 2023 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Book Review / 24 Comments

24 responses to “A Castle in the Air by Kelley Armstrong

  1. In general I tend to steer clear of time travel books but this sounds good despite the time travel not being super explained. Really I’m a sucker for anything involving a ghost!