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The Glory of the Empress by Sean Danker @silverbaytimes @AceRocBooks @LexCNixon @BerkleyPubThe Glory of the Empress by Sean Danker
Series: Evagardian #3
Published by Ace on May 1, 2018
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 320
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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The war between Evagardian Empire and the Commonwealth is at its peak.

The Evagardians have developed a weapon that could change everything, but they can't use it until it's been fully tested. Targeting unsuspecting pirates in a newly annexed system, far from the worst of the fighting, is supposed to be a safe way to determine if the weapon is ready for live combat.

Everything about the mission is unconventional; the crew of twelve has been pulled from every corner of the Imperial Service, but it should still be an easy tour. After all, a few pirates can't possibly threaten Evagard's elite, especially when they're armed with the most powerful technology in the Imperium.

But it's an unproven system aboard an experimental ship, and there are worse things than pirates waiting in the Demenis System. Far from the front lines, the crew of the Lydia Bennett is about to start a war of their own, and they're a long way from home.

I loved The Admiral, the first book in the Evagardian series.  It was a good introduction to the world with four people stranded who didn’t know each other. It was smart. The plot was clear – survival – but very fascinating as the world developed and also learning about the characters. The Admiral, capable and with a subtle humor, was a mystery and fun. For the most part, politics is viewed in the background as they are isolated.

Free Space is the same but very different.  We again have four main characters, two of them we know, sort of.  This adventure brings in more planets and more politics. Here I can’t tell the good guys or the bad guys really. People are more or less in it for themselves? I liked the strong women, but had some angst over seeing the Admiral as somewhat helpless.

In The Glory of the Empress, I was bogged down at the beginning just trying to figure out the new people and what is happening.  This was pared down to the twelve people on the Lydia Bennett, a new type of fighter ship. One of these is definitely from Free Space.

The action is fast and fun. I enjoyed the story and the sense of humor in it.  I went back and looked at the first two books to see if I could understand certain things. I also revisited this interview which was around the time of Free Space, book 2. Sean Danker has totally succeeded in keeping things moving fast and always having me guessing.

I relished the technology in the spaceships. I always enjoy the strategy of the battles. There was plenty of this to appreciate. I was just confused about the people and the politics in some aspects.

I think I may not be smart enough for this series, at least I am not sure I am grasping the overall arc yet. This is the halfway point. Since I am being entertained by each one, I’ll keep reading!


“That, or they’re intelligent aliens that are doing this to punish me because of what I did on my sixteenth birthday,” Mao muttered.

“What did you do?” Bjorn asked.

“It’s embarassing, but I blew something up.”

Bjorn raised an eyebrow. “I never took you for a New Unity type.”

“What? No. It was an accident.”

“Oh, so you weren’t a terrorist. Just an idiot,” he said, turning back to his console. “That’s a relief.”


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Sean Danker hates everything, especially author bios.

He works in Public Affairs in the United States Air Force.
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Posted May 1, 2018 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Book Review / 2 Comments

2 responses to “The Glory of the Empress by Sean Danker

  1. Sophia Rose

    Hey, fellow fan! I just finished up Glory last night and loved it to death. Don’t beat yourself up though. I kept trying to connect this one to the others and trying to figure out how the characters would all come together with the other books, too. I have a feeling that this is all still something of set up for what is to come rather than moving forward in the overall series story.
    I’ll definitely keep reading. 🙂

  2. Thahnks. I am enjoying it even if I feel like I can’t quite figure out some things. I’m glad you liked it too.