Admiral by Sean Danker

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Admiral by Sean DankerAdmiral by Sean Danker
Series: Evagardian #1
on May 3rd 2016
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“I was on a dead ship on an unknown planet with three trainees freshly graduated into the Imperial Service. I tried to look on the bright side.”

He is the last to wake. The label on his sleeper pad identifies him as an admiral of the Evagardian Empire—a surprise as much to him as to the three recent recruits now under his command. He wears no uniform, and he is ignorant of military protocol, but the ship’s records confirm he is their superior officer.

Whether he is an Evagardian admiral or a spy will be of little consequence if the crew members all end up dead. They are marooned on a strange world, their ship’s systems are failing one by one—and they are not alone.

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Another book I wouldn’t have picked and really loved which came from Ace Roc stars.  I seriously need to consider more space opera / science fiction because I enjoy it so much.  

The world building is scattered into various dire circumstances.  The politics and rest of the world are a shelf in the background which the characters reference occasionally.  The layer of military and societal consequences dust their choices.  

The four characters are interesting and well done, but the Admiral is awesome.  His point of view tells us this survival story and he’s smart, funny and self-deprecating at times.   The MacGyver style of making things happen is a big win for me.  

We never learn his name; he’s only The Admiral.  Luckily, this is the first in a series because I want more.  The next book is planned to be released May 2017.  


Giggle worthy quote:   


“I dropped into the pilot’s seat and powered up the heavy crawler, then opened the viewfinder to see the deck. I released the brake and shoved the throttle forward, accelerating after the nearest xeno and heartlessly running it down. This wasn’t very sporting, but my back was against the wall. My karma was already shot.

Besides, it wasn’t like these things were endangered. They were everywhere.”


About Sean Danker

Sean Danker hates everything, especially author bios.

He works in Public Affairs in the United States Air Force.
There’s twitter and facebook and even goodreads.

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Posted April 29, 2016 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Book Review / 3 Comments

3 responses to “Admiral by Sean Danker

    • Melanie – it is odd and subtle fun. I have found over this past year how much I have missed Science fiction – military space opera type stuff. It’s a great change of pace. If fits closer to urban fantasy than romance. I love so many genres. I like a little humor, a little romance, a little mystery and some action in every genre I read. Each genre just emphasizes more of one thing than the other I guess. Anne

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