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This is a new feature I developed where each month we will look at our favorite – the best – series in a genre or topic.

The topic here, by my definition,  is a series with main characters who are Zombies or dealing with Zombies.    These are the ones which came to mind.  I enjoyed some more than others.   The team had to help me find some of these.

Since I haven’t read everything, it’s a subset of the possibilities.  I’m sure I am forgetting some great authors. There are also plenty of authors I have yet to read. Please share your favorites with me in the comments, also.

My favorite Zombie series are (in no particular order):



Broken World                                             White Trash Zombie                                      Ex-heroes
by Kate L. Mary                                                  by Diana Rowland                                 by Peter Clines


Newsflesh trilogy                                Joe Ledger , Rot & Ruin                             Razorland
by Mira Grant                                           by Jonathan Maberry                                 by Ann Aguirre


What are your favorite series?

Vote for your top 3 favorites! You can vote for my favorites or add favorites of your own.  Remember this is how the winning option is chosen for the giveaway.

Then enter the giveaway below.  The winner will get the first book in the winning series! Open to anyone who can receive an Amazon digital ebook.

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Posted October 10, 2020 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Giveaway, Series on Saturday / 18 Comments

18 responses to “Series on Saturday: Zombies

  1. It is no secret that I love a good zombie story 🙂 My favorite zombie author is Sarah Lyons Fleming. She has 2 interconnected series – Until the End of the World and The City. Her new series, Cascadia, will probably have some connection to the other characters as well. The audiobooks for these books are fantastic!

    I did love White Trash Zombie and Kate L. Mary writes some pretty awesome zombies. It has been a long time since I read the Razorland series but I remember being disappointed in the final book. I actually had no idea that Ex-Heroes was a zombie series. I will have to check that one out!

    • I have very limited experience with this theme. However, I found I loved them because really they are like scifi dystopia. I guess I thought of them as horror which I don’t read. The thing is horror in my mind is this scary, sort of no plot story, maybe like movies where the characters are TSTL. So maybe really I would enjoy well-written horror and I’ve been too judgmental. So I’m very happy to have your recommendations of a series you love in this theme.

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  2. Anne

    Favorite would have to be White Trash Zombies because it’s the only series with the main character as a zombie that I can recall reading. I have read many books with zombies in them as the “villain” or as a secondary character.

  3. Jen

    I haven’t read any of these and not too many Zombie-based books. I nominated the Deadtown series by Nancy Holzner. The main character isn’t a zombie, but her sidekick is. I love the mythology of the series. I highly recommend!

  4. Lorna

    I’ve only read the first White Trash Zombie and own the second but have yet to read it. My favorite is Melanie Karsac’s Harvesting series. It’s so different and includes other paranormal elements. It would be great on NetFlix. Wishful thinking.