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🎧Terrible Personal Shopper by Laura Burton #LauraBurton  @britfemalevoice @Brian_Holden @TantorAudio #LoveAudiobooks  #KindleUnlimitedTerrible Personal Shopper by Laura Burton
Narrator: Charlie Albers, Brian Holden
Series: Surprised by Love #1
Published by Tantor Audio on July 12, 2022
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Length: 7 hours, 3 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Publisher
One StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

Leila Scott

When my best friend Josie asked me to cover for her new job, I didn’t hesitate. I’m nice like that.

The plan: Meet the rich client. Take notes of their measurements and fashion tastes. Then hand over to Josie. Job done.

But Josie didn’t tell me the client is six-foot-four Hollywood hunk, Blaze Hopkins. My ultimate onscreen crush. I can’t stop my face glowing red as I wrap the tape measure around his hot body. When he asks me questions, I reply with squeaks and giggles. Total fangirl move.

But Blaze doesn’t know what a personal shopper does––or does NOT do––and he makes me an offer that makes my jaw drop and toes curl. Join him on his latest press tour. How can I pass up the opportunity to travel the world with this heartthrob? All I have to do is pretend I totally know what I’m doing––I don’t. Play it cool–I’m gonna fail that too.

And most-importantly, do NOT fall for Blaze Hopkins. Let’s just face it. I’m doomed.

The Terrible Personal Shopper is the first book in a new series Surprised by Love that seems like it will be all about three sisters.  While I totally like the concept and I’m a bit more excited about the overly geeky LOTR fan sister we have to get through the eldest, too clumsy to be believable sister.

Leila has never found a job she couldn’t get fired from in a few weeks, but when a friend calls and needs her to cover, she tries to pretend she knows what she is doing, goes to take the measurements of the prospective client.  Leila had no idea said client would be her famous movie star crush, Blake Hopkins.  Now somehow she has ended up being asked to go on tour with him to promote his new movie and she has no clue how to be a personal shopper but who is giving up a paid trip through Europe, not Leila, that is for sure.

There are some things in this story that are cute and others that just seemed to rub me the wrong.  Blake seems like a good guy overall that maybe just had never thought about settling down and finding the one until a friend suggested using a matchmaker if he didn’t find someone special soon.  When he meets Leila, she fumbles through his measurement and literally hits him in the junk with her tape.  But after all of that, he is a bit intrigued and wants to get to know her better.  No better way to do that than to invite her on his promotion tour for the movie he is releasing soon.  Leila soon finds out not everyone is friendly and Blake’s interest in her is not just plutonic.  I should have loved this but some of the situations seemed pretty manufactured for Blake to save the day with his fame or money.  I think in those moments is when the story bugged me.  Also I never got what Blake saw in the klutzy Leila and why she was so endearing to  him.

The story had some cute moments and stays PG throughout.  I was looking for something maybe a little more on the PG-13 or R side of life.  It was cute but missing some of the major climaxes I was looking for.  Also when Blake came to do the big gesture at the end, Leila totally ruined it, so I was a little mad at her.  But that said, I loved Leila’s sisters, Blake was adorable and I liked the set up going into the next story.  You could tell there were other series and characters overlapping but you don’t need to have read those books to enjoy this one.

Major take aways.  PG story with an okay heroine and some OTT moments that could be funny much like a Will Ferrol movie but not really have enough substance to carry the entire book.


Brian Holden was fantastic and gave Blake a down to earth feel.  Charlie Albers choices for a voice and narration really rubbed me a little wrong.  She made Leila sound a bit whiny and honestly got on my nerves a bit with the type of narration she chose to perform.  For some reason this book seemed to run a little slow and so I bumped up my normal 1.5x speed to 1.75x which was a better fit for me.

Listen to a clip:  HERE

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Posted July 18, 2022 by Robin in Book Review / 6 Comments

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