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Stealth Mission by Kendall Talbot @kendallbooks #KindleUnlimited @sophiarose1816Stealth Mission by Kendall Talbot
Series: Alpha Tactical Ops #4
on February 24, 2023
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 368
Format: eARC
Source: Author
One StarOne StarOne StarOne StarHalf a Star

He’s a grumpy explosives expert. She’s trapped in a living hell.
When he’s assigned to protect her, the sparks that fly are both real and deadly.
Hippie at heart, Harper MacBride has been controlled by her powerful parents since her teenage recklessness ruined her life. That’s bad enough. When her father is elected as Australia’s Prime Minister, she’s forced into her parent’s political spotlight and hates her life even more.

Guilt over a disastrous decision Drake St Claire, (Codename: Viper) made in his twenties, had anger fueling his veins when he joined the army. But when that too implodes, his reckless thirst for danger and his unique skills forged his fireman career and his role in the Alpha Tactical Ops team.

Bad-tempered Viper is assigned to protect rebellious Harper, who is a complete pain in his ass, yet damn irresistible. When an explosive attack on the prime minister has them in a deadly race for their lives, they witness something that puts them square in the killers’ crosshairs.

A surly, grumpy former military bomb expert and fire fighter continues to work with his old unit trying to get the truth of what happened on that last devastating tour and what is still happening now.  Babysitting the PM’s hippie daughter was not in his plans, yet here they are, and here they go when someone tries to take out the Prime Minister.  Kendall Talbot lays out an exciting action and sexy romance and then puts the pedal to the floor for one exciting ride to the end.

Stealth Mission is technically a standalone in the Alpha Tactical Ops series, but the series arc that lurks mostly in the background and intro to Viper’s background began from book one.  I think these are much better enjoyed in order.

After the secret organization did a number on his military unit during their last tour, Viper has been struggling- well the whole unit was until they formed a private organization of their own and started hunting for answers.  Their missions for Alpha Tactical Ops have brought them closer, but also into the crosshairs once again.  They get some more pieces to the puzzle right before the fat is in the fire once again.

Stealth Mission is mostly about the team taking on political protection work when the security for the new prime minister is incapacitated.  There is a bomb threat and Viper is a demolition expert so he gets tagged as suspect number one.  The team has to figure out what is going on and get him off the hook.

Drake (call sign Viper) ends up with the PM’s daughter.  At first Harper was a naïve encumbrance who seems to be cat’s paw to her mother, but then her past comes out as does more of Drake’s.  They are an unlikely pair at first, but then Harper starts to come into her own and they might just survive as they duck, run, and eventually find a way.

Things were not what they seemed and there are some twists as they get answers as to why everything went down the way it did after the danger started around the PM.

I have been waiting for Viper’s story since I noticed him on the team.  He’s been morose and grumpy and I got a kick out of him.  It got more amusing for me when Harper is introduced and I knew she was his love interest because she’s rather his opposite in so many ways.  I wasn’t into her at first, but as she got stronger and opened up about her past just like he did about his, I saw how they could really work out well.

The author does so well balancing all that blazing action that blisters along pace-wise with well-developed characters and a building romance.  This pair were attracted, but started out with no intentions of doing anything about it which gave time to tease out the mystery behind the events, getting through stuff and working through their pasts.

Scorpion remains the threat to carry through the series and has grown less opaque as the team puts together clues.  Next is our hacker Cobra’s story and I’ll be up for that one.  Romance fans who like fast and furious, sexy and smart should pick this series up.


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Posted March 29, 2023 by Sophia in Book Review / 14 Comments

14 responses to “Stealth Mission by Kendall Talbot

    • I’ve loved her books from her debut and this latest series set in Australia is fabulous. I always enjoy a team working together and its neat how each of their stories are heart-pounding adventures in all different exotic locations and situations.

      Sophia recently posted: Stealth Mission by Kendall Talbot