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Rogue Mission by Kendall Talbot @kendallbooks #KindleUnlimited @sophiarose1816Rogue Mission by Kendall Talbot
Series: Alpha Tactical Ops #6
on October 1, 2023
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Format: eARC
Source: Author

Royal Flying Doctor pilot, Xander Devlin ( Razor) walked away from his military career so broken he never wanted to see his ex-army team again. Especially Aria, the woman who crushed his heart. Yet when the team need him for a return mission to Kyrgyzstan to hunt the bastards who sabotaged their careers, Xander can’t refuse.

Despite her top position at Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Aria Morgan ( Hawk) is no stranger to having to prove herself. However when she’s forced to keep a secret that threatens her ex-army team, she’ll break every rule to save them.

But a deadly attack in the frigid mountains confirms Hawk’s greatest fear. . . the real enemy is someone very close to her.

A tarnished military group out for answers, justice, and redemption must face off with their last hidden enemy one last time and survive the experience.  She’s been backing the team all along with her leadership and support, but now Aria “Hawk” Morgan is in the middle of the action, determined as the rest of the team to survive and take down their enemy once and for all, but she needs to face her past in more ways than one when she’s partnering with Xander “Razor” Devlin in a second chance romantic action suspense.

Rogue Mission is the sixth entry in a series that offers up individual romances, but a tightly connected suspense plot line so the series must be taken in order.

Aria is a capable, skilled and intelligent operative, but has had to fight tooth and nail to climb to where she is now in Australian Security especially after that disastrous mission she lead.  She feels always like she must prove herself to her dad and, after the incident to her team in Kyrgyzstan, to herself and to them.  I was hoping Hawk would eventually get her own book and was thrilled when I saw Rogue Mission announced.  I love a strong, smart female lead and Aria was all that.  She has a good match in the wounded in spirit and emotions pilot-doctor she’s never forgotten even though what they once had was left a gnarled up mess waiting for them to untangle it together.

Razor hasn’t been a familiar face in the team group throughout the series.  He was the doctor and pilot of the team and has a devastating romantic history with Aria.  He took the mess that came of that last mission to heart so he has kept his distance from the team until now.

The romance starts out with a tricky past break up, but these two are pros and table their feelings until they’re not in the middle of a life or death moment.  I enjoy how Kendall Talbot works action and romance so that both sides develop and pace out well.  The fight scenes and thrills are breath stealing and the big money moments, but she doesn’t stint on drawing out the feels with the romance pairings that are all as different as the main characters themselves.

I loved all the exotic locales in which the scenes were acted from the opener in an underwater clandestine dive to the wreck of Chiu’s luxury yacht to the desert location that has been at the center of the series, but this was the first time the team has physically gone back to where their mission fight debacle happened that got them all pushed out of the army.  The villains have been pernicious and formidable.  This final book had some grand surprise twists and reveals that ratcheted up an already unbelievable story.  But, like the best grand finales, it steps it up on all the above.  I purposefully avoided the details because I don’t want to diminish the excitement for the next reader.

Rogue Mission is part of a pulse-pounding action series with spicy and exciting romances to meld with the suspense.  I’d be in reader depression after zipping through this last book, but the good news is that there is to be a second series in the same world of Alpha Tactical Ops.  Romantic Suspense fans who like exotic action-packed storytelling should jump on this sensational series.


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Posted November 8, 2023 by Sophia in Book Review / 6 Comments

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