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Bespelled by Laura Thalassa @LauraThalassa #LavabrookPublishing  #KindleUnlimited @SnyderBridge4‏Bespelled by Laura Thalassa
Series: Bewitched #2
on May 17, 2024
Genres: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 506
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

No one told witch Selene Bowers having a soul mate would be so difficult. Nor did they warn her that he might be a vengeful, ancient sorcerer who would frame her for murder, force her to remember a past life he swears she lived, and then coerce her into an unbreakable marriage pact. But that’s exactly what happens the night of the Samhain Ball, when Selene finds herself in a jail cell.

After waking from enchanted sleep, Memnon swore to discover why Selene betrayed him long ago. But when his soul mate’s memories return, the truth reveals something else entirely. Horrified by his own actions and desperate to make amends, Memnon offers Selene the unthinkable: a magic bond that will give her full control over his will. And Selene is desperate enough to accept it.

But other enemies still haunt Henbane Coven, Selene’s magical academy, and they’ve taken a keen interest in her. If she wants to stop them, she’ll need Memnon’s help. But partnering with the sorcerer is a tricky business, especially when he’s dead set on winning her heart. And that can’t happen…because the bond controlling him will break the moment she falls in love with him.

Bespelled is the second book in the Bewitched series.  This is the second chance love story (mostly) of Selene Bowers, a pretty powerful witch and Memnon, the man she cursed to sleep for two thousand years in her last life.  They are soulmates, bound to each other through space and time, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be smooth sailing for them.  Especially since Memnon is pissed he was placed in stasis for two millennia and can’t wait to get his revenge, even if that revenge is on his soulmate.

When we left our characters at the end of Bewitched, Selene has tapped into the memories of her past life and she now knows what happened and why she put Memnon to sleep.  He is dangerous and brutal and a conqueror from a different time.  But he is learning all of the rules of this new metal jungle and he is starting to make some plays to put himself back in power.  He loves Selene, but it is complicated by the betrayal he believes she perpetrated on him in her past life.  But, what if there were good reasons, what if he made a mistake?  How will he earn back the trust of the woman he is bound to through the ages so they might build a life together.

Meanwhile, witches and other magic welding creatures are dying in brutal ways and Selene wants to get to the bottom of it.  Not just to protect herself but to also save some of her new found friends in the coven.  Memnon will use all of his influence and newfound power to help the woman he loves and earn back some of the trust broken between them.  God help any who harm or go after his mate, he will make them all pay.  The stakes are high and no one is to be trusted.

“Call me a monster, call me a devil, but you and I both know I will fucking shatter the rules for you .” He stares at me fervently. “Always for you.”

I liked this story better than Bewitched, we get to see some of Selene’s past life that really added credence to her power.  She is growing into the sorceresses she is meant to be, even if she is unsure about the man she is fated to be with.  I adore Memnon’s character.  He is not a nice guy; he is dangerous but unfailing loyal to those he calls family.  He is also so tricky; it was fun to watch how he slowly lulls Selene back into his bed and finds ways to get into her heart as well.  He is a predator and will be patient until it is the right moment to pounce and win his prey.  He remembers the fierce warrior Selene used to be in her last life and knows she is going to need to find that woman warrior if they are going to survive against their enemies.

There were so many danger filled and tense moments in Bespelled, I was on the edge of seat though all of them.  The danger always felt right around the corner.  There are plenty of sexy times though to enjoy between the bouts of certain death.  The jump to Memnon and Selene’s previous life added a lot of context the story and fleshed out our characters well.  I sometimes got a little frustrated with Selene’s refusal of their soulmate bond, but it did help to build some of the sexual tension between them.

Memnon, I’m sure, still has plenty of secrets and even though they have tracked down some of the bad doers, there are more out there to be found and an enemy from their past to thwart still.  I’m very interested to see what Laura Thalassa brings to the series next.  She has written “bad men” very well in the past and I’m so excited to see what our unapologetic warlord is going to do in the modern world to take the power he craves.

“Is this where you stab me and free yourself once and for all?” he says in Sarmatian.

“Because,” he continues slowly, his eyes smoldering , “I promise you, if you don’t, I will work to tie you so fucking tight to me you won’t eventually know where you end and I begin.”

About Laura Thalassa

Found in the forest when she was young, Laura Thalassa was raised by fairies, kidnapped by werewolves, and given over to vampires as repayment for a hundred year debt. She’s been brought back to life twice, and, with a single kiss, she woke her true love from eternal sleep. She now lives happily ever after with her undead prince in a castle in the woods.

… or something like that anyway.

When not writing, Laura can be found scarfing down guacamole, hoarding chocolate for the apocalypse, or curled up on the couch with a good book.

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Posted May 27, 2024 by Robin in Book Review / 1 Comment

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