Narrator: James Marsters

Audio: Peace Talks by Jim Butcher @longshotauthor @JamesMarstersOf @jimbutchernews @PRHAudio @AceRocBooks #LOVEAUDIOBOOKS @Audiobook_Comm

Audio:  Peace Talks by Jim Butcher @longshotauthor @JamesMarstersOf @jimbutchernews @PRHAudio @AceRocBooks #LOVEAUDIOBOOKS @Audiobook_Comm

I have listened to most of the Dresden Files series on audio from the library and then went straight to Audible to buy them.  I have Peace Talks (and Battle Ground) both pre-ordered but am delighted to have had the chance to read them a bit early for review. I would read this series in […]

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June Is Audiobook Month @SteveWestActor @SimVan ‏@petkoff @LoreleiKing @KhristineHvam ‏@JamesMarstersOf @GabraZackman #GIVEAWAY #JIAM #LOVEAUDIOBOOKS @AUDIOBOOK_COMM

June Is Audiobook Month @SteveWestActor @SimVan ‏@petkoff @LoreleiKing @KhristineHvam ‏@JamesMarstersOf @GabraZackman  #GIVEAWAY #JIAM #LOVEAUDIOBOOKS @AUDIOBOOK_COMM

We have been celebrating audiobooks this month. Earlier in the month, for Series on Saturday I shared our favorite audiobook series.  But some of the credit needs to go to the audiobook narrators.  We have listed some of our favorite narrators and also some of the books and series, they narrate. Obviously, we had some […]

Audio: Skin Game by Jim Butcher @longshotauthor @JamesMarstersOf @jimbutchernews @PRHAudio @AceRocBooks #JIAM #LOVEAUDIOBOOKS @Audiobook_Comm

Audio:  Skin Game by Jim Butcher @longshotauthor @JamesMarstersOf @jimbutchernews @PRHAudio @AceRocBooks #JIAM #LOVEAUDIOBOOKS @Audiobook_Comm

Now having completed the Dresden Files series to be up-to-date for the collection of short stories, Brief Cases, I’ll be reviewing next week, I can admit I am  totally biased. I love everything Harry Dresden.  Every book I managed to get on audio from the library. I listened to it, loved it, and went right […]