Narrator: Robert Petkoff

Audio: Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton @KiraJaneWrites @petkoff @HachetteAudio #LoveAudiobooks

Audio: Hollow Kingdom by Kira Jane Buxton @KiraJaneWrites @petkoff @HachetteAudio #LoveAudiobooks

The zombie apocalypse according to a crow.   Yup, you read that right.  Imagine a world where technology-obsessed humans, become drooling incoherent zombies who might be whipped into a frenzy at any moment by a shiny screen or a ringing phone?  Nobody saw this coming, especially not S.T., a domesticated crow, and the hero/narrator of this […]

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June Is Audiobook Month @SteveWestActor @SimVan ‏@petkoff @LoreleiKing @KhristineHvam ‏@JamesMarstersOf @GabraZackman #GIVEAWAY #JIAM #LOVEAUDIOBOOKS @AUDIOBOOK_COMM

June Is Audiobook Month @SteveWestActor @SimVan ‏@petkoff @LoreleiKing @KhristineHvam ‏@JamesMarstersOf @GabraZackman  #GIVEAWAY #JIAM #LOVEAUDIOBOOKS @AUDIOBOOK_COMM

We have been celebrating audiobooks this month. Earlier in the month, for Series on Saturday I shared our favorite audiobook series.  But some of the credit needs to go to the audiobook narrators.  We have listed some of our favorite narrators and also some of the books and series, they narrate. Obviously, we had some […]