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The Consuming Fire by John Scalzi @scalzi @torbooks

The Consuming Fire by John Scalzi @scalzi @torbooks

The inferno started in The Collapsing Empire continues to build in The Consuming Fire.  An emperox and her trusted few must find a way to save as many as possible in this second of tightly connected stories in the Interdependency trilogy. The background, characters, and world-building were introduced in the first book so The Consuming […]

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Head On by John Scalzi @scalzi @torbooks

Head On by John Scalzi   @scalzi @torbooks

Lock In was one of my favorite Sci-Fi worlds ever.  I really appreciated all the thought John Scalzi put into how life would be different if the person you presented to the outside world was basically a robot.  The prequel Unlocked (which should actually be read after Lock In) was fantastic, as it was presented […]

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