In Shining Armor by Elliott James

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In Shining Armor by Elliott JamesIn Shining Armor by Elliott James
Series: Pax Arcana #4
Published by Orbit on April 26th 2016
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

This fairy godmother's got claws.
When someone kidnaps the last surviving descendant of the Grandmaster of the Knights Templar, it's bad news. When the baby is the key to the tenuous alliance between a large werewolf pack and the knights, it's even worse news. They're at each other's throats before they've even begun to look for baby Constance.

But whoever kidnapped Constance didn't count on one thing: she's also the goddaughter of John Charming. Modern-day descendant of a long line of famous dragon slayers, witch finders, and wrong righters. John may not have any experience being a parent, but someone is about to find out that he can be one mean mother...

IN SHINING ARMOR is the fourth novel in a series which gives a new twist to the Prince Charming tale. The first three novels are Charming, Daring, & Fearless.


I love John Charming. He’s funny, smart, badass and even a faithful lover. Pax Arcana series is always humorous which is amazing.  The chapter titles in In Shining Armor are great. I was giggling away over them.  

This is a world with a wide variety of supernatural characters. These are not your typical supes. They are built with a broad imagination and various mythologies.  John is not typical, not even close. But heroes are often unique with a special something.  The wide-ranging supes give us a chance to see how smart John is.  He has studied up on them and their idiosyncrasies.  And he remembers these details!

John is a rather fearless and badass fighter.  Since he has knowledge from his research on supes, he is able to better plan and fight them as needed. This has allowed him to be successful and has been key to his survival. Between the geas as a knight and his protection of his commitments, he ends up in many crusades as a helper who makes a big difference.

I was glad to see John and Sig continue to develop their relationship.  They work well together and have each other’s back. Their communication is improving as their relationship progresses. He is falling in love with Sig and has supported her causes with his entire being. In this story, Sig is supporting him and a cause important to him.

THIS is the bottom line. In spite of no one really supporting or loving John, in pretty much his whole life, John supports, and loves.  He puts himself out there, and often for others, all the freaking time.  He allows himself to be vulnerable, body and heart.   That, right there, is why he is collecting his odd band of allies, as all great heroes do.

So what happens now?  Is it a world where the werewolves and knights continue to have issues? (John is both) Do John and Sig and their group fight whatever battles occur or do they have a plan?   I am enjoying each story in the series, and they tie together chronologically but as to the overall meaning of life, I don’t know where we are going here.  I am just happy to be on the ride. Recommended series.


Giggle worthy quotes:   


Some chapter titles – Out of Hot Water and into the Hot Tub,  Bullshittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,  Dead Men Behaving Badly, Se We Weren’t Dead We Were Were Just in Canada, Annnnnnnd… Action!


“But let’s make sure we understand each other. This alliance between theOrder and the werewolves is a fragile thing.  If we screw this up, you could wind up being hunted again.”

I slapped the SUV. “This SUV is red.”

Simon waited for me to expand on that point.

“It’s cold outside,” I said.

Simon still stared at me.

“You’re kind of acting like a dick,” I tried.

“What are you doing?” Simon demanded.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought we were playing some weird game where we made completely obvious statements,” I explained.


“Shush, John,” Sig cautioned. “You’re about to get Parth started on what constitutes reality.”

That was actually one of the most effective threats I’ve ever received. I shut up.

About Elliott James

An army brat and gypsy scholar, ELLIOTT JAMES is currently living in the blueridge mountains of southwest Virginia. An avid reader since the age of three (or that’s what his family swears anyhow), he has an abiding interest in mythology, martial arts, live music, hiking, and used bookstores. Irrationally convinced that cellphone technology was inserted into human culture by aliens who want to turn us into easily tracked herd beasts, Elliott has one anyhow but keeps it in a locked tinfoil covered box which he will sometimes sit and stare at mistrustfully for hours. Okay, that was a lie. Elliott lies a lot; in fact, he decided to become a writer so that he could get paid for it.

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Posted April 28, 2016 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Book Review / 6 Comments

6 responses to “In Shining Armor by Elliott James

    • Melanie, I think you would love it on audio!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this one comes to audio. But since it’s not listed to release with the book (like all the others) I’m not sure it will be on audio which makes me sad.