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This is the Your Choice category.  (On the list in no particular order)



Anne –  New to me Authors

  1. The Invisible Life of Addie Larue,  Shades of Magic series by VE Schwab
  2. The Rebels & Redcoats Saga series by TJ London
  3.  The Rajes  series by Sonali Dev
  4. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood
  5. Beach Read, People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry
  6.  Wrexford & Sloane series by Andrea Penrose
  7.  Thief of Souls by Brian Klingborg
  8.  FBI K-9 series by Sara Driscoll
  9.  Orphan X series by Gregg Hurwitz
  10. Twentymile  by C. Matthew Smith





Robin – Most Interesting Premise


  1.  DNA can predict your soulmate – The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren
  2. The third horseman of the apocalypse has come to judge humanity, a love story – Famine by Laura Thalassa
  3. Greek mythology Medea and Jason meet again in 21th century united states.  There are a bunch of other Greek mythos characters running around too – Time for Witches by Craig Schaefer
  4. A guy stuck in a sword though magic helps a widow on her quest to get her inheritance back from her terrible in-laws. –  Swordheart by T. Kingfisher
  5. Space Algae will destroy the earth, the one chance to save all of humanity is to travel to a different system to find why its star isn’t dying – Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir
  6. The god of Berserkers has died and with him most of his Paladins.  The few that are left must find a way to both control their abilities and a new purpose in life. – Paladin’s Grace by T Kingfisher
  7.  A woman from the 1800s has lived the last four years of her life stuck in the 21st century after falling through a time portal.  She now has a way back to the husband and child she accidentally left behind, who think she is dead. – Twist of Fate by Kelley Armstrong
  8. Hogwarts this is not.  Magical children go to a magical school that is just as likely to kill them as teach them anything.  There is danger around every corner, monsters in the hall and El and friends are about to graduate and go through a gauntlet of them – The Last Graduate by Naomi Novak
  9. Dreamers can pull things out of dreams, the dreams themselves go to sleep if their dreamer dies.  But what if there was a way to keep all the dreams a dreamer ever dreamed alive even after they died and what could a dreamer do to this world if there was just more power in the ley lines – Mister Impossible by Maggie Steifvater
  10.  An AI is rescued and put in a biological body that does all the icky biological things.  The AI is wanted by the authorities and he and the woman who saved him will need to find a place for them in the universe – Love Code by Ann Aguirre



Sophia   –  New to me Authors

  1. Infamous by Minerva Spencer
  2. Dial ‘A’ For Aunties by Jesse Q Sutantos
  3. Radar Girls by Sara Ackerman
  4. Nameless by Julie Cooper
  5. The Curse of Morton Abbey by Clarissa Harwood
  6. The Barrister and the Letter of Marque by Todd M. Johnson
  7. Thief of Souls by Brian Klingborg
  8. Forever Young by Hayley Mills
  9. Seeing Red by Patty Jansen
  10. The Duke Undone by Joanna Lowell



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Posted December 24, 2021 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Misc, Top 10 / 17 Comments

17 responses to “Top 10 Your Choice

  1. RO

    Greg Hurwitz is one of my fave authors. Always riveting and full of action, every novel is a definite keeper. Merry Christmas and lots of hugs, RO

  2. Lorna

    I’ve read 4 of yours Anne. Addie Larue, the Love Hypothesis, and both of the Emily Henry books. I read one of Robin’s-The Soulmate Equation. I enjoyed all of these and I think they were all 5 stars for me.