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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly  @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received.

Stacking The Shelves is also a weekly meme hosted by  Tynga’s Reviews and Marlene from Reading Reality.  It’s all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks!


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Sunday, I did some dabbling with stuff on the blog.  I added Flame Ratings definitions to the Review Policies.  Since there are 4 of us reviewing, we are trying for a bit of consistency or at least less confusion. I’m still in a reading frenzy. Next weekend with the end of the month, it will be time to update the challenges.

I’m trying to do more sort/ throw/ organize. I did a backup of my computer. I also feel I need to backup somewhere other than a USB hard drive. I used to backup to DVDs and put a set at work and a set in the car. I think the weather is not good to keep either a hard drive or DVD in the car. I don’t have a work place to keep any either.  There are lots of places to store photos online at no charge. But some have limits on the amount one can store. Shutterfly has unlimited storage plus you can share with other family members so I’ve been working on uploading all my photos there. I am looking into options for my other data files. Do you have any suggestions for me?

The doctor referred us to a gastro specialist but they haven’t called us yet. I’ll probably have to chase down the doctor to find out which one so I can get the appointment made. We managed to piece a whole baby quilt top at the charity quilting night.  The weather was good all week with sun except Wednesday. While my daughter was in at her appointment, I fell asleep in the (parked) car. Those clouds just make me sleepy!  We had a nice time looking at all the yarns at NC Fiber Fest Friday after her class. I was in an alpaca mood.  I don’t have much alpaca yarn.

Today (Saturday) I kept busy with laundry, writing reviews and email cleanup.  Tomorrow (Sun) I have to try to get to taxes, and maybe some sewing. The week ahead looks like mostly good weather and the usual classes and appointments.


Stacking the Shelves is hosted by Tynga’s Reviews and Reading Reality.  These are the exciting ARCs I received this week:

Hide and Seek

Thank you so much Brilliance Audio,


The Lonely Silver Rain


Now the really scary one. This is all the Kindle and Audible freebies I grabbed this past week. You can see why I need to do Thrifty Thursday to be sure I read a few at least one each month.





I really meant to cut back on freebies BUT  they are free so I guess that won’t be happening.


I’m not including things like reviews posted or upcoming as they are always in the right sidebar. And, my challenge status is also there.

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Posted March 24, 2019 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Sunday Post / 54 Comments

54 responses to “Sunday Post – 24 March 2019

  1. Taxes, groan! Did ours this past week and we don’t owe=woohoo! The baby quilt top looks great. What a great haul this week. Fun that you got a Danielle Garrett.

    Wishing you a good one next week, Anne!

    • Lots of good freebies and I try to be very careful. The Danielle Garrett one is one of the novellas in the anthology I reviewed on audio. So it’s nice because I have it in Kindle format too. You have a terrific week, Sophia!

      Anne recently posted: Space by Penny Reid
  2. That quilt looks wonderful! And I love alpaca yarn. I visited an alpaca farm a few years back on vacation and the alpacas were so cute and feisty.
    I keep some pics on Shutterfly also and some on my memory card on my actual camera, otherwise they are just on my phone.
    Enjoy your week and happy reading and crafting!

    • Thank you! I get everything from my phone to my computer and now it’s all going to Shutterfly. That way it’s there for family members also. I think it will work out well. I love alpacas and their yarn. It’s kind of fuzzy so less great for hot weather and it tends to be hand wash but almost all the good stuff is hand wash.

  3. That quilt looks fabulous – you are so clever! And you are obviously in a sorting/organising mood… I wish those sorts of moods would assail me from time to time – they generally don’t. Have a great week – I hope the weather goes on being bright and sunny for you:)

    • Thank you! I think I am always in an organizing mood. The sort / throw is a new level of it. It’s hard. I’m big on using everything and not getting rid of things I “might” need or be able to use. Btu we have too much stuff right now and if we plan to move sometime, now is the time to go through it.

      I have so much fabric and I’m finally sewing or quilting it. It’s so funny because on the baby quilt I didn’t follow the instructions they made up so it turned out differently than planned but still looks good. Rail fence is the pattern style. I’ve made them before.

      I hope we both have sunny weather this week!

      Anne recently posted: Space by Penny Reid
  4. I stock my photos on an external drive and some on rented space on Google Drive. I also have some space on Adobe Cloud as I am using their products. Happy Sunday even with the chores and all Anne!

    • I was wondering about Google drive for some stuff other than photos. You know word processing and spread sheets and such. I was thinking I would look into it. Those things are smallish. The other big non-photo thing is my music and audiobooks in Itunes. It’s as big as the photo stuff.

  5. I didn’t know that about shutterfly, that’s good to know. I’ve bought a few things from them so I already have an account. I’ve cut way back on my freebies because I had too many of them end on a cliffhanger there for a while.

    Mary Kirkland recently posted: Apartment Life #73
    • I stopped looking for places when I found the Shutterfly storage was unlimited and I can share with family. It’s where I get the calendars, mugs, photobooks, etc made anyway. It’s a great solution for me for backup photo storage.

    • It looked like with Prime it is only photos and only up to 15GB. I am going to look at Google drive to see if it is other than photos too. Since I am the family photo keeper / digitizer from the 1900 forward I have more than 15GB. If they take it, I could use Prime for my data files like WP and spreadsheets, that kind of thing.

      Yeah I am not happy with the political crap since 2016. Not at all. And thanks!

      Anne recently posted: Space by Penny Reid
    • I don’t know why I dread it. It’s not difficult for me. I mean I have been doing it for years and I have a degree in accounting. The worst was when I was a partner at McGladrey & Pullen and had K1s and had to file in more than 15 states. THAT is something to dread. This is just easy W2, one state. But yeah I don’t look forward to it, other than having it complete. Good luck!

    • I love the look and feel of quilts. Well the strips were cut, the fabrics were already chosen, so we just had to put it together.

      This one from Mary Burton is related to ones I read earlier, so I’m excited for it.

      I hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. I love the quilt. We had a quiet weekend as Mr. Barb hurt his shoulder somehow. We started a rewatch of Sons of Anarchy last week as neither of us had seen the first few seasons. We already already on Episode 5 of Season 2 so you could say we fell down the rabbit hole. Hope you manage to catch that doctor. Sometimes they can be pretty elusive.

  7. I need to back up more for sure! And ooh Hide and Seek! That looks like my kind of read. 🙂

  8. Great freebies… Hope you enjoy!

    Suggestions for storage. I gave up on USB drives and now I put everything on Dropbox. I store all my photos, videos, documents, etc…. I do pay for the 1 year services each year (extra storage), so it’s not free. I also use my Google Drive to keep some of my documents on too, but I really love Dropbox; because it automatically backs up any new documents, pictures, etc to the drive instead of me having to do it myself. It’s great for my phone, so I can put my pictures and videos on it asap and then get them off my phone for more space. I’m still working on getting my stuff into folders, but Dropbox has been great for me.

    Hope you have a great week and happy reading!

  9. The quilt looks great! I would like to learn how to do that someday. I need to get back to my knitting sometime – I’d really like to make something like a blanket for Dante.

    I have my fingers crossed for you & your daughter with the gastro doctor/specialist. Hopefully you’re able to get an appointment without too much hassle.

    Have a great week!

    • Thanks. Well I got the info about who and they won’t even make an appt until I have records sent from every gastro she’s ever seen. Luckily that’s only 2 so I spent most of today on the phone, pulling forms off the internet and sending them to the doctor’s offices.

      Have a wonderful week! You have some great goals for yourself.

  10. You’ve stayed busy. The quilt is lovely. I hope you can get the appointment for your daughter.
    You got lots of good books. Happy Reading!

  11. I’m so impressed by the quilt. Quilting is on my list of things I’d eventually like to learn to do.

    • If you know how to sew, it’s a snap. It adds my favorite part of the process in a big way because more design is involved from planning the pattern and fabrics to make it work. (Gardening is a step up in complexity since it’s not just color and texture, it’s bloom time, soil and light conditions) Anyway, the design and the hand sewing of the binding are my favorite parts

      • You have such a busy week, it is no wonder you fell asleep in a car. I most probably would too:-)

  12. Nice quilting, and great photo! I’ve enjoyed a few Mary Burton’s so I’ll have to check out this installment. She has a lot on Kindle Unlimited where you can read and listen as part of your membership. Love that! 🙂

  13. Your quilt is beautiful!! Nice job! We have an alpaca farm nearby that we like to go visit to see the alpacas. I wish I could knit or crochet but I am the worst. Lol.

    I like to use dropbox for backup. 🙂

    I hope you get in touch with your doctor soon!

  14. Sounds like you had a very productive week. I didn’t realize Shutterfly offered that kind of storage. I’ll have to check that out because I really need to backup my photos, etc. more often.

    Hope you enjoy all of your new reads and have a great week!

    • It makes sense for me to do them there since that’s where I get my photobooks and calendars. I store mine by Year-month so for example I know I won’t have more photos for 2003 so once it’s there, it is backed up and I don’t have to back it up monthly.

  15. I never back up my computer. If it dies, I’ll cry and freak out until my husband comes to my rescue and does whatever he does to recover my data anytime my tech has failed in the past. He’s a ninja but one day he’ll fail… ?

    • I have days like most Wednesdays now when I am on the run and don’t get to all my emails of posts. I hate that feeling. Sometimes though things are happening and I just have to let it go until later Have a great weekend and don’t spend it all inside if it’s as gorgeous as it is here. (Rain tomorrow though)

      Anne recently posted: Rocky Ground by Kaylea Cross
    • I hate it too so one of the things I am getting serious about is digitizing my stuff and backing it up. It’s an ongoing project. But the things I change the most often are now auto backed up by Google drive so I worry less.

      Anne recently posted: American Witch by Thea Harrison