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The Silver Shooter by Erin Lindsey @ETettensor @MinotaurBooks The Silver Shooter by Erin Lindsey
Series: Rose Gallagher #3
Published by Minotaur Books on November 17, 2020
Genres: Mystery, Historical Fiction
Pages: 352
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher
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It's the spring of 1887, and Rose Gallagher is finally coming into her own. She's the proud owner of a lovely little home near Washington Square, where she lives with her mother and friend Pietro, and she's making a name for herself as a Pinkerton agent with a specialty in things . . . otherworldly. She and her partner Thomas are working together better than ever, and mostly managing to push aside romantic feelings for one another. Mostly.

Things are almost too good to be true—so Rose is hardly surprised when Theodore Roosevelt descends on them like a storm cloud, hiring them for a mysterious job out west. A series of strange occurrences in the Badlands surrounding his ranch has Roosevelt convinced something supernatural is afoot.

It began with livestock disappearing from the range, their bodies later discovered torn apart by something monstrously powerful. Now people are dying, too. Meanwhile, a successful prospector has gone missing, and rumors about his lost stash of gold have attracted treasure hunters from far and wide – but they keep disappearing, too. To top it all off, this past winter, a mysterious weather phenomenon devastated the land, leaving the locals hungry, broke, and looking for someone to blame.

With tensions mounting and the body count rising, Roosevelt fears a single spark will be all it takes to set the Badlands aflame. It’s up to Rose and Thomas to get to the bottom of it, but they’re against the clock and an unknown enemy, and the west will prove wilder than they could possibly imagine

I have enjoyed this author in the fantasy realm and now her works of historical mysteries with magic, which is akin to fantasy, just not quite as far back in history?  The Rose Gallagher series is set in New York City at the time of Roosevelt, part of the gilded age which is charming but also so class oriented.  Rose begins as a housemaid to Sir Thomas, an Englishman of wealth.   Now there will be a few spoilers who have not read any of the series, as The Silver Shooter is the third book.

Rose has been infatuated with Thomas, which led to her saving his life. In the process, she discovers that most of the wealthy are lucky, which means they have some sort of magic.  She also learns Thomas is a Pinkerton agent  She becomes an agent under his mentoring.  Now they have a case in the wild west and Roosevelt is their client.

Our story is told from Rose’s point of view. She works well with Thomas and she has learned much.  Her theories and strategies are welcomed and praised.  Rose does much of the work on this case.  I enjoyed their joint efforts along with old friends and some new ones, in solving the dangerous case.

Being away from New York and the pervasive class system, Rose and Thomas allow their romantic feelings to blossom a bit.  I’m all for it.  But what happens when they go home? I am getting a little bit of the why can’t two adults have an adult conversation irritation. So I look forward to the next book, to see how things continue.  I’m left frustrated by the rigid, ridiculous class systems, although it happens often in stories of this time period.

About Erin Lindsey

Erin Lindsey is on a quest to write the perfect summer vacation novel, with just the right blend of action, heartbreak, and triumph. The Bloodbound series is her first effort. She divides her time between Brookyn, NY and Calgary, Alberta. She also writes fantasy mysteries as E.L. Tettensor.

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Posted November 13, 2020 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Book Review / 10 Comments

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  1. KC

    I really enjoyed the first two books and am looking forward to this one. The magic aspect was a nice surprise for me when we started. And I am totally ready for Rose/Thomas to happen. He’s British (and eccentric enough to do what he wants). As an agent, she has managed to elevate herself. I supposed if moving in society is part of his cover, they might still be impeded by class differences. But since we are already embracing the magic aspect, can’t the class laws be loosened a little too for the sake of twoo looove.