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  • I’m sure it’s probably been asked frequently but, what inspired you to write this series and use mostly Irish gods as opposed to other gods (Greek/Roman/Viking)?

Well, I’m mostly Irish (a bit of a UK mutt) so it’s at least somewhat my heritage, and plenty of other people write about the Olympians and the Norse, so I didn’t want to walk down such well-traveled roads.

  • Have you ever considered writing outside your preferred genre?

Not only have I considered it, I’ve done it. I’ve written epic fantasy (the Seven Kennings) and science fiction (A Question of Navigation) and someday I hope to pull off a traditional sort of amateur sleuth thing.

  • Did you always know that what Atticus did with Freya was so reprehensible he’d need to answer for it?  Or was that something which developed later?

Yes, I knew he’d have to eventually pay for his various offenses against the gods—he’d stirred up quite a bit of trouble throughout the series. Two deities—Jesus and the Morrigan—said he’d eventually pay dearly if he pursued Thor. That’s literally god-level foreshadowing.

  • Why does Leif get to just keep using the druids and moving up in status after all his betrayals without consequences? 

He lost a friend in Atticus, and that’s a consequence. But he’s an illustration of how evil folks prosper in this world all the time. 

  • I know you have more stories featuring Atticus, Oberon and Starbuck (yay!) but do you plan on writing more stories featuring Granuaile and Orlaith?  What about Owen and the baby druids?  

Owen and the baby Druids will appear in The Chartreuse Chanteuse, an Oberon’s Meaty Mystery coming out early next year. Granuaile will appear in the next Ink & Sigil book, Candle & Crow.

  • Do you plan on writing more Iron Druid stories? 

If you mean stories with Atticus as the narrator, no. He’s told his story, which is about facing the consequences of your own actions. Further stories from Oberon or others are still possible, however, and of course I consider the Ink & Sigil series to be Iron Druid material.



The quote for Who said  Well done. Whether you wanted a cookie for that or not, you’re going to get thousands.” in Scourged is Brighid.

The villain was Everyone.

Observations and questions you shared from Scourged:

(Thank you  so much for sharing!)  If you can answer any of these questions, you can do so in a comment.

  • I’m happy that Atticus has found a possible way of regrowing his arm, though it is sad that he has been forbidden from using many of his powers.
  • I love Slomo and her relationship with Owen and hope we’ll see more adventures with the two of them.
  • It didn’t end with me feeling sad or thinking I needed more to wrap it up. With Granuaile doing her own thing for a number of books, the break up was anti-climatic for me.

Quotes you readers shared from Scourged:

“Pick a system—any system, legal or ecclesiastical—and you’ll start to wonder at how anyone could think it was fair. And then you’ll realize it was never meant to be fair but rather was intended to protect the interests of the powerful, and then you’re wading through a swamp of cynicism and your day’s ruined.”

“That’s using religion to cudgel people into conformity, and it grinds my gears.”

“The danger of growing old is growing comfortable and complacent at the same time. We should seek out the new and strange and applaud it and throw wild f**ing parties whenever it walks into our lives. We should be building roads in and out of our own wee heads rather than erecting walls around them.”

“I will tell you, even though you are young and unprepared: Men. are. Sh*t.”

“Yes, I am an old druid. And I plan on getting much older. I have many, many years to go before I see my final sunset.”

“Right. Except from squirrels. The threat continues to hang over us all.”

“Stellar guy, that Galileo! Ha! My puns remain execrable, alas.”

“Yes! I have long thought that reclining your seat on an airplane is a sure sign of moral turpitude!”



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Dec 16:     Q & A with Kevin Hearne   

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Luke Daniels has narrated over 250 audiobooks, has been the grateful recipient of thirteen AudioFile Earphones Awards, and has earned three Audie nominations. His background is in classical theater and film. Luke has performed at repertory theaters around the country, but now he resides in the Midwest with his pack.

About Kevin Hearne

Kevin Hearne lives with his wife, daughter, and doggies in Canada. Kevin hugs trees, pets doggies, and rocks out to heavy metal. He also thinks tacos are a pretty nifty idea. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling series the Iron Druid Chronicles, the Seven Kennings trilogy that begins with A PLAGUE OF GIANTS, and co-author of the Tales of Pell with Delilah S. Dawson.

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Posted December 16, 2023 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Misc, Read-along / 11 Comments

11 responses to “Read-along Q & A with Kevin Hearne

  1. Thanks for the interview! Kevin Hearne seems like the kind of guy I’d love to have a pint with. He did a read along with the Seven Kennings and it was so much fun. His enthusiasm and energy is a delight. Thanks for the read along. I really enjoyed it.