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Read-along & #Giveaway: Trapped by Kevin Hearne @KevinHearne @luckylukeekul @DelReyBooks @PRHAudio  #Read-along #GIVEAWAY #LoveAudiobooks @WavesofFictionTrapped by Kevin Hearne
Narrator: Luke Daniels
Series: Iron Druid Chronicles #5
Published by Del Ray, Penguin Audio on November 27, 2012
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Length: 9 hours, 2 minutes
Format: Audiobook
Source: Purchased
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After twelve years of secret training, Atticus O’Sullivan is finally ready to bind his apprentice, Granuaile, to the earth and double the number of Druids in the world. But on the eve of the ritual, the world that thought he was dead abruptly discovers that he’s still alive, and they would much rather he return to the grave.


Trapped picks up the story of Atticus and Granuaile twelve years after Tricked and now Granuaile is a full-fledged druid.  She really can hold her own as a fighter with a magical staff, and it was exciting to discover her animal forms. She’s become a force to be reckoned with, and it’s a good thing, since it’s no longer a secret that Atticus is alive and there’s plenty out there gunning for revenge. He needed all the backup he could get. There’s really so much going on in this installment with many battles. 

I read Trapped the first time back in 2014 so I forgot a lot of the story. I didn’t remember one of the sad results of Atticus’ careless words. Frigg charges Atticus with a dangerous mission to help right some of that wrong, and Freya is part of the plan. I thought it was good for Atticus to face Freya after the events in Hammered. Bacchus, vampires, and dark elves also figure into the story. 

Perun, one of the gods who appeared in Hammered is back and provided a lot of laughs. As usual Oberon is a hoot and a delight! I was so happy Granuaile completed her training and so she no longer had a student/teacher relationship with Atticus!  

Trapped ended in sort of a “to be continued” situation. Thankfully, a reader doesn’t have to wait to see what happens as all the books are out now. I look forward to continuing! Like I said it’s been almost ten years since I originally read the books so there’s a lot I don’t remember. 

I listened to Trapped, the way I’ve read all of the series. Luke Daniels is an excellent narrator with spot on comedic timing!  He is Atticus in my mind, and I can’t imagine experiencing the series in any other way.

Listen to a clip: HERE


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The chat will be Sunday, July 9th

COYER Challenge is adopting our Read-along.  You can read about COYER and join that challenge or just the Facebook community chat HERE.   On the Sunday after the review posts, they will host a FB room (like we do for COYER book club) at 12 PT, 2 CT, 3 ET and 9pm Europe, for a one hour chat.   You do not have to join the COYER challenge to participate, only the Facebook group.

Here’s your to-do list:

  1. Find your copies of these books, borrow them from a friend, get them at the library or buy them
  2. Read book 6,  Hunted by August 4.
  3. Make note of a favorite quote or two as you read the book.
  4. If you haven’t read the books before, make a list of questions you have for the discussion. If you have read them, please don’t spoil new readers.
  5. Enter the giveaways!


Interviews with Kevin:

2012- Oct 26: Buzzy Mag  interview

2012- Nov 27: Roqoo Depot  interview



Who said (enter the answer in the Rafflecopter, don’t put in the comments)

Who said                              “Do please tell her that to her face.  I can tell already that this is going to be an amusing audience.”

There are other options in the rafflecopter for you to enter discussion questions and quotes to share.

he quote for Who said “  “Now, hold on here, nobody’s doin’ me, that’s for damn sure-” ” in Tricked is Frank

The villain was Coyote and Leif.


Observations and questions you shared from Tricked:

(Thank you  so much for sharing!)  If you can answer any of these questions, you can do so in a comment.

  • Was still blown away by Leif’s betrayal the second time reading.

Quotes you readers shared from Tricked:

“That’s what a skinwalker is: a mean asshole with a meaner spirit squatting inside.” “I’ve run into some of those at the dog park,” Oberon said. “They’re usually attached to Chihuahuas.”

“I’ve often been flabbergasted by modern pharmaceutical ads on television. The list of side effects for some maladies often sound worse than the condition they’re supposed to treat. Once I even heard “heart failure” listed as a side effect, and I wondered how that happened. Heart failure sounds like a pretty major event to me, and if you’re willing to risk heart failure in order to avoid the mild discomfort of some other condition, then may the gods shield you from harm, since you’re obviously seeking it out.”

“Did he say hot tamale? (Oberon)

“Vestigial remnants of hunter behavior manifests itself as douche-baggery in males when confronted with the emasculating role of modern man, where they are no longer expected to provide food, shelter, or even spiritual guidance for their families but rather stay out of the way until it’s time to perform in the bedroom.”

“The first rule of sword fight club is don’t talk about sword fight club.”

“Druids were supposed to be forces of preservation, not destruction, and I could not dance around the fact that my foolish pride had turned me into a misbegotten cockwaffle.”

“I want to be introduced to these people as Snuggle Pumpkin. I am Snuggle Pumpkin, hear me roar!”

“As any war veteran will tell you, there is a vast difference between preparing for battle and actually facing battle for the first time. You can be told that reading Victor Hugo will sap your will to live, but you can’t understand what that means until you’ve read a few chapters and your eyes have glazed over and someone has to revive you with a defibrillator.”

“He had a giant chunk of turquoise floating at the base of his throat because he apparently missed the memo that said bolo ties were out of style, and, quite likely never in style.”

“It’s best not to experiment on yourself. Bacon practically froze himself to death in one of his experiments and died of pneumonia.” (Right! Bacon must be heated. Knew that already, but thanks for the reminder.)”.”

“I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to run when you no longer have to do it.”

“I would never behave with so little dignity. Nor would I wish to be confronted in such a manner by anyone else. Vampires inspire screams, not squees. Involuntary urination is common, I grant, but it properly flows from a sense of terror, not an ecstatic sense of hero worship.”


Be sure to enter the giveaways!!!



For US  Audible audio version of Hunted, and for Intl a paperback from Better World Books. The giveaway is international, as long as Better World Books ships there free of charge (find that out here!)

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Grand-Prize Giveaway:

For a US / Canadian winner, this will be a full set of SIGNED trade paperbacks by Kevin Hearne.

For an Intl winner,  it will be $50 at Better World Books.  The giveaway is international, as long as Better World Books ships there free of charge (find that out here!)

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We are doing one book every 4-5 weeks, posting on Fridays. We will have a review with the team here at Books of My Heart plus some of our friends.


Mar 3:    Hounded               –  Stephanie @ Once Upon A Chapter

Mar 31     Hexed                     –  Lillian @ Mom with a Reading Problem

May 5:    Hammered           –  Jen @ That’s What I’m Talking About

Jun 2:     Tricked                  –  Terrie @ Bookshelf Journeys

Jul 7:       Trapped                –  Rachel @ Waves of Fiction

Aug 4:      Hunted                 –   KC @ Books of My Heart

Sep 8:     Shattered               –  Berls @ Because Reading

Oct 6:      Staked                     –  Sophia @ Books of My Heart

Nov 3:     Besieged                 –  Kimberly @Caffeinated Reviewer

Dec 1:       Scourged               –   Anne  @ Books of My Heart  

Dec 17:     Q & A with Kevin Hearne   

About Luke Daniels

Luke Daniels has narrated over 250 audiobooks, has been the grateful recipient of thirteen AudioFile Earphones Awards, and has earned three Audie nominations. His background is in classical theater and film. Luke has performed at repertory theaters around the country, but now he resides in the Midwest with his pack.

About Kevin Hearne

Kevin Hearne lives with his wife, daughter, and doggies in Canada. Kevin hugs trees, pets doggies, and rocks out to heavy metal. He also thinks tacos are a pretty nifty idea. He is the author of the New York Times bestselling series the Iron Druid Chronicles, the Seven Kennings trilogy that begins with A PLAGUE OF GIANTS, and co-author of the Tales of Pell with Delilah S. Dawson.

About Rachel at Waves of Fiction

I’ve always loved reading from a very young age. Both my father and mother were avid readers so it’s no surprise I love to read. Growing up I was hooked on mysteries (always with a little romance, mind you). Nancy Drew was my first love, and then I graduated to Agatha Christie. Currently, I’m a big lover of romance in just about any genre. Contemporary, historical, romantic suspense, mysteries, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance.

Joining Goodreads back in 2011 was a revelation! Being able to share my love of books with like-minded people and discover new books has been so much fun, and then I discovered book blogging. I’ve been blogging since 2012 and love the book community. I’m also a wife, mother, and now grandma, trying to balance my reading addiction with family, work, and staying fit!

Anne - Books of My Heart
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Posted July 7, 2023 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Book Review, Giveaway, Read-along / 32 Comments

32 responses to “Read-along & #Giveaway: Trapped by Kevin Hearne

  1. Thanks Rachel. My review goes up tomorrow (Monday). Like you, this is my second time reading Trapped. I had forgotten a lot of it until it happened. And so much happens. It really is transitional feeling, setting the stage for the “rest of the series” kind of thing. I found myself a bit less enamored with the book this time around, but perhaps it’s because I already knew what would happen in the end.

  2. Janie McGaugh

    I really enjoyed it, though it’s frustrating how Atticus makes one enemy after another.

  3. This one was great! I love that Granuaile is a full-fledged Druid now, both because she’s awesome (I love her animal forms, and also her combination of wisdom and idealism) and because with the student-teacher relationship behind them, they’re free to work out a new relationship. (Which they do. With great enthusiasm.)

    Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard recently posted: Trapped, by Kevin Hearne