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The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly  @ Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week, and showcase books and things we have received.

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Sunday,  I worked on Feedly and Sunday post visiting, sharing deals.  FS Poster is all working but Threads has to be readded as an account every day.   I checked and somehow all 3 air cleaners needed new filters so they are all replaced. I always keep a new one on hand.  My daughter and I walked Lulu and the weather is near perfect.  I watered all the plants since it will be hot this week.

Monday,  I woke early for a busy day ahead. I wrote a review. Then I walked Abby and Lulu.  I was just handling a few things when the guy called about my dirt.  I put down my huge 30 x 40 ft tarp on the driveway and he dumped my 2 yards of soil blend.   Then we jumped in the car to take my daughter to her rescue injection for the migraine.  On the way, home I did curbside pickups at Sam’s Club and Walmart.  She rested while I put everything away and got dinner.

Tuesday,  another day for a fast start.  I went out and started shoveling dirt into the wheelbarrow and then shoveling out into garden beds.  I topped off the front flower beds and most of the garden beds.  Marley saw me outside and came over for pets and to run around our yard. I’ve decided I need to add another garden bed between the short raised beds and the tall raised bed.  Because why not? The daylilies on the south side have buds and so do the peonies on the east side.   I was hot and dirty so I had to shower before walking Abby and Lulu. I have several days of dirt moving ahead. Luckily, it’s not as hot as was projected so far this week.  I set up some posts.  I wrote a review. I made a batch of Lulu food. I also removed everything from one shelf in the fridge, threw out old stuff, cleaned and reorganized the shelf.  At dinner, my daughter’s migraine is back.  She just cried.  She only got 24 hours of relief and those injections hurt.  It rained a bit at bedtime.

Wednesday,  I had calls to schedule and reschedule medical appts.  My daughter will get DHE infusions next week Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  They couldn’t do an afternoon on Wednesday. So another 6 days of migraine.  They suggested Excedrine Migraine but she can’t have NSAIDs but she does take Tylenol and I had her try caffeine in soda.  The caffeine actually did help some. She had a telehealth visit with her therapist.   I had her massage and chiro appt. Then I came home and vacuumed, sprayed weeds in the driveway cracks, and changed the furnace filters.

Thursday,  the heat is coming today. It’s still nice this morning for a walk with Abby and Lulu.  Apparently I forgot to play Wordle yesterday so a new streak start.  So I also had double the Feedly to visit.  I renewed my daughter’s driver license, confirmed her DHE infusion appt for Monday and moved her PT appt. I wrote some reviews.  I changed up the headers for May on the blog and socials.  Chrome seems to have lost my settings and I’ve had to go fix a few that were irritating, like not asking me where to download files. I finally turned the downstairs from heat to AC. The upstairs has been AC for awhile.

Friday,  I did not sleep well. I woke up at 4:15 am and couldn’t go back to sleep until it was  time to get up.  I’m doing my visiting. The hot is here. I worked on posts editing and some setup.  I did a bunch of house cleanup. I was waiting until my daughter’s Rx came in to go to Harris Teeter to get it and a couple other items.  I made a batch of food for Lulu.

Saturday, my neighbor and I went to another neighbor’s house for brunch with a bunch of the Democratic  party organizers.  It’s a good group. We met the guy running for district judge. He was there with his wife (who I had met before) and their 3 kids.  We really enjoyed learning about him and what the district judges do.  Afterwards the neighbor and I walked Abby and Lulu.   I worked on blog posts and planning for a short trip in July.

This next week looks hot and rainy.  I will be inside three afternoons for 3-4 hours at my daughter’s DHE infusions for her migraine.


It’s birthday week here at Books of My Heart:

May 7  – Robin

May 11 – Melanie

May 12 – Anne

April Reading:  I had another good reading month.  I managed to read 27 books. Audiobooks continue to help me read more. Some count for more than one challenge.  I listened to 13 audiobooks, read 4  library books,  23 COYER reads, and 7 books which I already own.

All Library books (including ones not reviewed on the blog)  2024 Library Love Challenge

I did manage to read 7 books I own (goal is 3 per month):

  • 🎧 How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back by Diana Rowland
  • Last of the Red Hot Firefighters by Jessie Evans
  • Chasing Charlie by Kathy Carmichael
  • Rafe by Kathy Ivan
  • A Texas State of Mind by Ann DeFee
  • What’s His by Ella Swift
  • Highland Mist by Donna Grant

Stacking the Shelves is hosted by  Reading Reality.  These are the exciting ARCs I received this week (If you click on the cover, it will take you to the Goodreads entry):

My grateful thanks to Penguin Audio.                           


(If you click on the cover, it will take you to the Goodreads entry)



Now the really scary one. This is all the Kindle and Audible freebies I grabbed this past week. You can see why I need to do Thrifty Thursday to be sure I read a few at least one each month.






I really meant to cut back on freebies BUT  they are free so I guess that won’t be happening.


I’m not including things like reviews posted or upcoming as they are always in the right sidebar. And, my challenge status is also there.





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Posted May 5, 2024 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Sunday Post / 42 Comments

42 responses to “Sunday Post – 5 May 2024

  1. I’m so very sorry for your daughter’s suffering. Mine weren’t as ferocious as hers, but it’s the worst feeling in the world to surface from sleep with that too-familiar stabbing pain behind the eyes… Best of luck with the soil shifting – I’m so impressed at your recovery, Anne!! You’ve done so well since your hip injury – you are my inspiration that I will be able to regain my fitness. Have a great week.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s migraines! Caffeine does help, IMO. Excedrin and a cool compress over the eyes and upper head has helped me in the past if I’ve had a particularly bad one. We’re warming up here this week again after crazy ups and downs. This last week we were in the 70s and then yesterday we were in the 30s with 2.3″ of rain/snow! It’s sunny and beautiful right now, but our high will only be 53. That’s a lot of dirt! Dirt for our raised beds was not cheap! What do you plan to plant in the new raised bed?

    Rachel @Waves of Fiction recently posted: Review: Effie Olsen's Summer Special by Rochelle Bilow
  3. I am extremely sorry for your daughter Anne. Mine has suffered from chronic migraines since she was six years old and I felt useless and frustrated every time she was suffering. I have migraines too and what helped me was GPR (I guess Global Postural reeducation) as my Arnold nerves were pressed by my cervical vertebrae.

  4. Sorry your daughter has such terrible migraines. Hopefully the injections work (I know someone who they worked wonderfully for). That is a lot of dirt to haul around. Its going to be hot and rainy here too (well, more possibly raining with the high chance for pop up thunderstorms)

    Samantha recently posted: #SundayPost: May 5th
  5. Your poor daughter! I’m so sorry she can’t seem to find anything to help with her migraines for very long. I guess it’s good that caffeine can help a little. Happy birthday to the whole BOMH gang! How exciting to have them all in one week! I’m not much for gardening, so am glad the flowers around my house all come up on their own and were planted before I moved in, lol. I wish I could get as much reading done as you do! But lots of good books! I started the next WTZ this past week and am enjoying it so far!

    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted: Weekly Wrap-Up #168 – May 5th, 2024
  6. Bet that was hard to see your daughter cry and so sorry she is in misery right now. I’m glad the caffeine from the soda drink helped. That is what I have found helpful too if I drink about 10 oz of regular Pepsi with a Tylenol. That doesn’t kill it, but it does cut the pain and symptoms down to doable.
    Wow, go you with all that soil. I need to go pick up about a five more bags of raised bed soil when its on sale.
    Glad you enjoyed your group meeting with the judge.
    Hopefully the heat will moderate for you.

    Have a good week, Anne!

  7. I feel so bad for your daughter. I used to get migraines and I know how bad they can be. The only thing that ever worked for me was Relpax. They are pills, but you can’t take them in advance so I’d have to wait for the relief to kick in and work. I hope the doctors can help your daughter.

    I hope this is a good week for you.

    Yvonne @ Socrates Book Reviews recently posted: The Weekend Review - May 4th-6th
  8. Happy Birthday to the team!! I’m sorry your daughter is suffering so much.

    I’m so busy lately, I swear I don’t remember what I did just 5 minutes ago. It’s going to be this way until mid-June at least. It’s good, but it also stresses me out. And I’m so emotional over everything lately – I’m not ready for my baby to graduate.

  9. I took Imitrex years ago when I was having migraines. It helped but I had to stop taking it when I got a rare side effect that caused the top of my head to feel like it was on fire. Thankfully I haven’t had a migraine in years now.

    Mary Kirkland recently posted: Apartment Life #317
  10. Happy Birthday to the TEAM! ^_^
    You can never have enough plants. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the beds outside. Looks like another full week for you. Have a great week ahead and happy reading.

  11. Happy Birthday to all of you! I hope each one of you gets to do something special to celebrate! What a great reading month you had, Anne! Yay for getting to so many of your own books! I hope your daughter is able to find some relief. I really feel for her! I can’t even imagine how rough it must be for her. I hope you have a great week, Anne!

  12. I’m so sorry about your daughter’s migraines. I used to suffer them too all the time when I was a teenager and all I could do back then was lie in bed. I hope she gets relief soon.

    Looks like you did really well with your reading challenges last month! Audiobooks are great!

    Haze @ The Book Haze recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday | Flowery Books
  13. Lots of yard work and gardening for you last week. At least it wasn’t too hot for it. I think NE FL has decided it’s done with spring and has moved on to summer. It’s supposed to be 95 today. Yuck. That’s terrible about your daughter’s migraines. I hope the infusions make a difference for her.