The Monstrous Citadel by Mirah Bolender @mebolender ‏@torbooks

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The Monstrous Citadel by Mirah Bolender @mebolender ‏@torbooks The Monstrous Citadel by Mirah Bolender
Series: Chronicles of Amicae #2
Published by Tor on November 5, 2019
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 410
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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Amicae, City of Sweepers, survived the Falling Infestation which nearly destroyed it thanks to the efforts of Laura and Okane. While the ancient monsters have been beaten back for the moment, new and more monstrous dangers face them in the form of belligerent bureaucracy, dangerous gangs, grasping Sweepers bent on personal glory . . .

And Rex, the City of Kings, who breed their own kind of monstrosity.

Laura and Okane must go to Rex to reclaim the secret weaponry that keeps Amicae safe and come face to face with a horrifying truth about the Rex and their designs on all of Orien's cities.

I really enjoyed City of Broken Magic and somehow missed the release of the next book in the Chronicles of Amicae series.   So luckily when Tor offered me the third book, they also allowed me a review copy of The Monstrous Citadel.    It took a little to get started after the time lapse but the pace was quick and I was easily on board.

Laura is still our view into this story and world.   She has been a Sweeper for less than a year and has had so many challenges.  I appreciate how strong she is, even with the crazy danger thrown at her.   She and Okane are the only Sweepers now until the new head Sweeper, Juliana is named.  Unfortunately, Juliana is more interested in her press than the actual quality of her work.  Laura and Okane are right to be cautious with her and her brother.

The new head sweeper does what she can do get rid of Laura and Okane so she can have things her own way.  They discover some of her lies and set about fixing the problems.  The fixing leads them to Rex where they are in even more danger. Their planning leaves much to be desired as it is nonexistent. The harrowing rescue there wouldn’t be possible without their new found allies.  Like all great urban fantasy heroes, Laura is building a band of misfits to help her fight for what is right with intelligence and compassion.  Rex has always tried to enslave other cities and now they have their sights on Amicae.

The Monstrous Citadel is a bit long and the next book,  Fortress of Magi is a bit shorter than the average 300 some pages.  I enjoyed learning more about the different magics in the world and hope Laura and her friends can catch a break as I read more.


About Mirah Bolender

Mirah Bolender graduated from college with majors in creative writing and art in May 2014. A lifelong traveler, she has traveled and studied overseas, most notably in Japan, and these experiences are reflected in her work. City of Broken Magic is her debut fantasy novel.

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Posted April 29, 2021 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Book Review / 6 Comments

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  1. Jen

    Oh wow, if this was 2019, when did the first one come out? I’m glad you were able to enjoy it even with the gap.