Hunted by the Alien Vampire by A.M. Griffin @amgriffinbooks

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Hunted by the Alien Vampire by A.M. Griffin @amgriffinbooks Hunted by the Alien Vampire by A.M. Griffin
Series: The Hunt #4
Published by Indie on October 20, 2020
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 244
Format: eBook
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He refuses to die…
The Hunter. When Bounty Hunter Fanian Uldri is contracted to hunt a human female for a wealthy client in a game called The Hunt, he believes it will be the easiest credits he’s ever made. An ordinary human wouldn’t stand a chance against him. Easy, right?
Wrong. The human he has in mind is proving to be more than he anticipated. In a game of will and wit, he finds himself enjoying the challenges with the female. Will he be able to turn this worthy adversary over to a male who won’t appreciate her, or will he defy his own rules and keep her for himself?

She refuses to give up…
The Prey. As a struggling single mother of two, Miranda Murphey thought her life couldn’t get any worse. Then she woke on an alien planet trapped in a dangerous game that could mean life or death for her small family. Miranda knows her chances of winning and returning to Earth are slim but she refuses to give up. All she has to do is elude the hunter who intends to sell her and make her way to the finish line.

With their lives on the line and the children’s safety at stake, Miranda has to trust the last person she’d ever thought she would—an alien who refuses to die no matter how many times she kills him.

Hunted by the Alien Vampire is the fourth book in The Hunt series, we are back on the planet of Turolois. This book also goes back in time to overlap in timing with both books one and two (The Game Warden’s Mate and Hunted By The Alien Prince). We follow a group of humans abducted without their knowledge and dropped into a game arena to be hunted by aliens from around the universe.

I wanted to know the story of Miranda and her children, since I met them, in the first book. Several people (probably fifteen or so, if i remember correctly) were minding their own business on Earth. Then they all just wake up on this foreign planet (though they don’t know that at the beginning). They only have what is on their person at the time (which for Miranda is her two young children, a four-year-old son, Adam, and six-month-old daughter, Lexi. Payton got to bring her dog, she’s the heroine of book two.). Once they are captured, the aliens can do what they like with their prey. Some become more like servants and others are used for sex either to reproduce or just for pleasure. If you can survive through all levels, you’re given some money and put up on another planet.

Miranda does come off as a weak woman, burdened with two children, in a game many didn’t think any of the humans would survive for long. But, these aliens not only underestimated humans, they also underestimated a mother protecting her children. No one learns that more than Fanian, a blood drinking alien bounty hunter who has never lost when he entered The Hunt. He was hired to get a female to bear young for his client. He goes after Miranda, knowing she would be able to bear children (though not truly the case, because she could’ve had an injury with her last birth that prevented future births or taken measures to prevent more children).

I forget the number of ways Miranda comes close to killing Fanian, but he isn’t so easy to kill. I love how she works so hard to prevent her young son from getting scared by all the violence he sees. But the story doesn’t end when he catches her and they leave the arena. I think I enjoy that almost more than the arena (it is really a hard choice because both parts of the story are fun).

This is a fun story with very likable characters. I’ve loved all of these characters since I started with the first book of the series. I love how each book in this series (though book three is a bit different) all start at about the same place and we get to see the different characters go through the arena and what happens after. I really hope we get Ben’s story. So far, it has only been women from The Hunt who we’ve gotten to hear about. I would love to hear one of the men’s stories.

You don’t have to start with the first book in the series to enjoy this story, but I do think it would be more enjoyable if you’ve read the earlier books. Especially, book one, as it goes more into the background of The Hunt.

About A.M. Griffin

Author: A.M. Griffin Bio Image

By day I see myself as Clark Kent – or maybe a girl version of him. I’m working hard at the day job, trying not to blow my cover. Then, in the face of danger – or in my case, at night, I’m a super-hero.

In my head, I’m fighting crime wearing a black-leather cat-suit. And since this is my fantasy, of course I have the body to make my outfit work. I’m wearing a black mask, with my glossy (and split-end free) black hair hanging down my back. To top this uber cool (and slimming) ensemble off, I’m wearing fire engine red lipstick over full, pouty lips. On my skinny sexy legs, I have on stiletto boots that ride up to my knees.

Now I’m ready to fight crime – cool like (wha-cha).

Oh wait, I let my imagination run away from me. I don’t fight crime, I spin tales in my pajamas. Which, to keep the flow on the cool side, could be imagined not as flannel with snowflakes pictured on them, but as black silk.

So with my black silk pajamas on, after putting in hard hours at the day job, at night I sit at my computer looking cool as hell and spin tales of alien invasions, sexy alien kings, tough-as-nails Earth women, fighting, murder and of course, alien dismemberment.

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Posted June 2, 2021 by Melanie in Book Review / 17 Comments

17 responses to “Hunted by the Alien Vampire by A.M. Griffin

  1. Ooo – this one sounds DIFFERENT! A woman with two small children in tow?? Go motherpower:)). I love that change in the dynamic – thank you for sharing.

    • I’ve found that a lot of SciFi romances have a PNR feel, but with aliens, space travel/other planets. At least the ones I’ve read, but I think all the ones I’ve read are also PNR authors, so there’s that. 🙂

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