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Posted January 31, 2024 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Misc / 15 Comments

So the rules are changing and social media is changing which means I have to make changes.   I am in the process of updating and improving the right sidebar.

I am writing this post to inform you of the changes and what your best options are depending on what you want.  I have done a lot of research and some testing.    I have chosen free products to achieve what I want as to mailing post notifications or newsletters, or auto-sharing my posts to social media.  I have no affiliate links and make no money from this blog.  I pay for hosting, tools, plug-ins, etc  so I use free options when I can.

A list of options follows with a glossary of how they work below them:

If you want to receive an email for all post notifications, immediately after posted:

This is the way it worked with Mailpoet, but the only way I know to get that option is to follow through WordPress.  I need to update to add a button on the right sidebar to follow.    In WordPress reader, then you can choose immediately, or a daily or weekly digest.

If you want an email, with a daily digest of post notifications in the previous 24 hours:

For this option, you can subscribe on the blog on the right sidebar.  I am using Followit (suggested by my good friend Rachel @Waves of Fiction).  Followit is actually an RSS reader, but it will send a daily email at the time you subscribe,  so if you subscribe at 1pm, you will get an email daily at 1pm.   The blog posts are daily at 1am ET and 7am ET.   So I set my emails for myself at 12 noon, because FollowIt only grabs RSS feed with a 4-6 hour delay.

I chose this option for my current Mailpoet subscribers.  I am in the process of importing.  Unfortunately I did not test all the settings enough before importing so you first 10 will just get a headline with a bunch of junk ads under it.  If you unfollow and refollow you will get the actual email without the junk.   Plus if you refollow at the time you want your daily email, it will be at that time.  I’m sorry I didn’t have this better tested for you.

Other options:

Feedly   Feedly  –  There is button on the right sidebar under follow Books of My Heart.

Personally I use Feedly which is an RSS reader which does not send any emails.    It gives me the blogs I have followed and whatever posts are currently available I haven’t read since my last look at Feedly.  I almost always look at Feedly daily.

Bloglovin'   Bloglovin – There is button  on the right sidebar under follow Books of My Heart.

I have followed a couple people this way, a long time ago.  It does send some emails but I am not sure how they are set up.  It did not work consistently for me.  But if you use this reader, it is an option.


There are numerous ways to access blog content, by following on Mastodon right now this is Custom 1,  Facebook Facebook,  Instagram Instagram,  Twitter Twitter, or GoodreadsGoodreads.  At some point, I might get Threads or BlueSky connected.     I removed the Mailpoet subscription form but somehow the WordPress was on that form so I need to put it back on its own.


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Posted January 31, 2024 by Anne - Books of My Heart in Misc / 15 Comments

15 responses to “Books of My Heart : Mail and Following Options

    • Thank you Tammy. It’s working but everything gets to you a day late. I am trying to get the emails set for noon ET so that they will pick up my posts at 1am or 7am. Yours is set for 12 AM instead of 12PM so everything is a day behind. I’ve asked followit to fix this since their import didn’t work the way it specifically says. But if you want to change it you can unfollow and refollow at teh time you want to get an email, or just switch to a WordPress email.

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  1. I follow blogs using feedly. I find it the best way to keep up with the blogs I like and not clutter my inbox with emails. I do subscribe to author emails to find out when they are releasing new books, freebies, etc. As for my own blog – it was set up so long ago, I don’t know if there are options. I use Icegram plugin (Free) to send daily emails of my blog posts.